Fight Piracy and Copyright Infringement

We know that most of our customers understand why our products are not offered for free, why using our products according to the terms and conditions of Sound Ideas End User License Agreement is fair, and why having a legally purchased version of our sound effects and production music is good for their business. We respect these customers and thank them for their efforts to keep Sound Ideas successful.

We also know that some individuals and companies commit copyright infringement by pirating sound effects and production music libraries. They may copy someone else's legally acquired files and use them without paying for them, and sometimes they share those illegally obtained files with others. Some people sell pirated material for their own monetary gain. It doesn't matter which of these actions are taken - they are all forms of theft - and they are all illegal.

Be aware that if you use pirated sound effects or production music and are discovered to have done so, you will be held liable. A claim will be made against the producers and production companies that benefitted from your pirated content. The use of stolen material for production of movies, television broadcasts, software and all forms of originally created work is unacceptable.

You should also know that modifying a published sound effect or music track does not make the content yours. The modified file is a derivative work, created from a copyrighted source, and it is still legally owned by the original publisher.

Sound Ideas monitors the worldwide marketplace on a regular basis and takes action against those who offer illegal versions of our products as bootleg copies or free downloads. If you would like to legalize the libraries or sound tracks in your studio, please contact us and we will help you acquire the proper licenses.

If you would like to report an individual or company that uses and/or distributes pirated material, please contact us. All information received is confidential. Rewards are offered for confirmed tips.

More information about this subject, and some really entertaining easy to watch videos, are available at:


If you have questions about piracy, copyright or licensing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

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