Production Elements

Production Elements from Sound Ideas can be purchased as complete collections on CD, DVD or Hard Drive for delivery to your location or as digital products that we can transfer to you via the Internet. Production Elements are sold as royalty free products – the purchase price includes synchronization rights. This means that you are fully licensed to use the production elements for interactive and broadcast media, film sound design, game development, post-production, and many other projects requiring audio. You can benefit commercially (in other words, make money) from the use of the elements in your productions. There is no limit to the number of times you can use the elements from these collections or how many productions you make.

Production elements are often abstract sound effects rather than sounds of actual identifiable objects – and because of that, a descriptive language has been developed (and is constantly growing) which identifies the way in which these elements are used. These descriptive terms include: attacks & sustains, beds & pads, bumpers & dissolves, IDs, intros & logos, punctuators & enhancers, sounders & stagers, stingers & sweepers, work parts and, of course, the ever popular whoosh.

We offer both Production Element Collections and Musical Element Collections, which typically provide short musical melodies, musical chord sequences or recognizable instrument sounds.

Production Elements Collections