Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music from Sound Ideas is available to purchase as complete collections on CD, DVD or Hard Drive for physical shipment to your location or as digital products transferred to you electronically over the Internet. This music is sold on a buyout basis with synchronization rights – so that you are fully licensed to use the music for film sound design, game development, radio and television commercials and programs, post-production and interactive media. You can benefit commercially (in other words, make money) from the use of the music in your productions. There is no limit to the number of times you can use the music from these collections or how many productions you make.

At Sound Ideas, we commission and publish music from composers around the world – and we apply the same care and standards to the production of our music products that we apply to our sound effects. We offer both Music Collections and Individual Music CDs.

The Music Collections provide a wide variety of music genres that give you a condensed selection of musical styles taking you from action, adventure and competition to relaxation, jazz and romance - with many more moods and styles as well.

The Individual Music CDs focus on a single musical genre and provide variations on a theme and mood. Sound Ideas uses 16 distinct music categories to classify our royalty free music (listed below).

Royalty Free Music Collections