The MegaMix Extension -
Royalty Free Music & Production Elements

1774 Royalty Free Music Tracks for Download or on 3 DVD ROMs

MegaMix Extension Music updates your original MegaMix collection with the complete contents of both the Mix XII and Mix XIII Broadcast Music Libraries. This library is available for download or on 3 DVD ROMs and offers almost 500 royalty free music themes and more than 180 logos and stingers. More than 1,700 royalty free tracks - all provided as 16 bit / 44.1 kHz broadcast wav files, fully embedded with metadata for easy searching. A great addition to your MegaMix collection - and available only from Sound Ideas – MegaMix Extension Music.

List of Content

Download the The MegaMix Extension - Royalty Free Music & Production Elements File Listing to see the complete contents of this package.


  • 1744 royalty free music tracks
  • Includes 187 production element logos and stingers
  • Available for Download or on 3 DVD ROMs
  • Provided as 16 / 44.1 WAV files
  • Included as part of the MegaMix Combo
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    Summary of MegaMix Extension DVD Contents

    Music Category MegaMix DVD Total Tracks Category Contents
    Blues MEGA-22 75 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Celtic MEGA-23 100 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Children & Comedy MEGA-22 53 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Christmas MEGA-22 14 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Classical MEGA-22 25 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Corporate MEGA-21 87 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Country MEGA-23 107 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Drama MEGA-22 54 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Easy Listening MEGA-21 84 60s, 30s & Stingers
    MEGA-22 95 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Jazz MEGA-21 72 60s, 30s & Stingers
    MEGA-23 116 60s, 30s & Stingers
    News MEGA-21 96 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Rock MEGA-21 136 60s, 30s & Stingers
    MEGA-22 52 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Romantic & Wedding MEGA-22 112 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Soft Rock MEGA-22 119 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Sports MEGA-21 38 60s, 30s & Stingers
    MEGA-22 48 60s, 30s & Stingers
    World Music MEGA-23 104 60s, 30s & Stingers
    Elements - Logos & Stingers MEGA-21 187 Element Stingers
    3 DVDs & 1,774 Tracks of
    Royalty Free Music & Production Elements

    The MegaMix Extension
    Royalty Free Music & Production Elements Demo

    Once a track is playing, you may move forwards and backwards
    in the track by clicking anywhere within the progress bar.


    Ready to Use in Your Asset Management System!

    Sound Ideas has prepared this fully digital product on hard drive as original broadcast WAV files. The library's metadata is already embedded in the broadcast WAV BEXT containers, ready for easy access.

    So, if you are using an asset content manager like the Sound Ideas MetaDigger software, you can simply download the digital audio files from the hard drive to your system and use MetaDigger to display, search and export their metadata information, audition the audio content and perform other functions with wav or mp3 files. It's that easy - the ripping and metadata work have already been done for you by Sound Ideas.

    The MegaMix Extension - Royalty Free Music & Production Elements

    Product Specs

    1,774 Files

    3 DVD ROMs

    BWAV Files

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