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Code Listing for Search of Royalty Free Music
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Product # of CDs CD Search Code
The Mix - Broadcast Length Royalty Free Music
Mix I 10 MIX001 - MIX010
Mix II 10 MIX011 - MIX020
Mix IV 12 MIX026 - MIX037
Mix VII 12 MIX048 - MIX059
Mix X 12 MIX075 - MIX086
Mix XI 12 MIX087 - MIX098
Mix XII 9 MIX099 - MIX107
Mix XIII 10 MIX108 - MIX117
Mix XIV 3 DVD ROMs (Digital Product)
The Mix - Full Length Royalty Free Music
Mix V 5 MIX038 - MIX042
Mix VI 5 MIX043 - MIX047
Mix IX 10 MIX065 - MIX074
Royalty Free Music Collections
Trailer Trax 1 TTX
Turner Music Library 15 TBM
Twisted Tiger Music
4 TTM01 - TTM04
Twisted Tiger Music 2 4 TTM05 - TTM08
Tribute Music 1 TRB
Wedding Music 2 WED
Classical & Worship Royalty Free Music CDs
Classical Music That's Relaxing 1 CLM
Famous Classical Music 1 FCM
Classical Mix 1 1 MSC-CLA-1
Classical Mix 2 1 MSC-CLA-2
Classical Mix 3 1 MSC-CLA-3
Classical Mix 4 1 MSC-CLA-4
Favorite Hymns 1 1 HYM01
Favorite Hymns 2 1 HYM02
Classic TV & Film Royalty Free Music CDs
Classic Comedy Music 1 1 CCM01
Classic Comedy Music 2 1 CCM02
Classic Drama Music 1 1 CDM01
Classic Drama Music 2 1 CDM02
Classic Showbiz Segues 1 1 CSS01
Classic Showbiz Segues 2 1 CSS02
Comedy & Cartoon Royalty Free Music CDs
Wacky Comedy Music 1 WAM
Corporate Royalty Free Music CDs
Corporate Inspiration 1 CPI
Corporate Power 1 CPP
Corporate Success 1 CPS
Corporate Mix 1 1 MSC-CRP-1
Corporate Mix 2 1 MSC-CRP-2
Country Royalty Free Music CDs
Contemporary Country Music 1 COC
Country Mix 1 1 MSC-COU-1
Country Mix 2 1 MSC-COU-2
Dance & Club Royalty Free Music CDs
Dance Club Music 1 DCM
Dance & Techno Mix 1 1 MSC-DNT-1
Dance & Techno Mix 2 1 MSC-DNT-2
Hip Hop & House Music 1 HIP
Percussive Dance Music 1 PDM
Drama & Film Scores Royalty Free Music CDs
Trailer Trax 1 TTX
Dramatic Music for Heroes & Spies 1 DHS
Adventure Music 1 ADM
Cinematic Music 1 CIN
Mystery & Suspense Music 1 MSM
Drama Film Score Music 1 DFM
Romantic & Easy Listening Royalty Free Music CDs
Mellow & Relaxing Guitar 1 MRG
Acoustic Easy Listening Music 1 AEL
Positive Easy Listening Music 1 PEL
Romantic Emotions 1 RME
Lite & Easy Mix 1 1 MSC-LES-1
Lite & Easy Mix 2 1 MSC-LES-2
Lite, Emotional & Dramatic Music 1 LED
EZ Listening Mix 1 1 MSC-EZL-1
EZ Listening Mix 2 1 MSC-EZL-2
EZ Listening Mix 3 1 MSC-EZL-3
EZ Listening Mix 4 1 MSC-EZL-4
Holidays & Christmas Royalty Free Music CDs
Sounds Like Christmas 1 1 SLC01
Sounds Like Christmas 2 1 SLC02
Holiday Mix 1 1 MSC-HOL-1
Holiday Mix 2 1 MSC-HOL-2
Jazz & Blues Royalty Free Music CDs
Snappy & Smooth Jazz Music 1 SSJ
Jazz Mix 1 1 MSC-JAZ-1
Jazz Mix 2 1 MSC-JAZ-2
Lite Jazz Mix 1 1 MSC-LJZ-1
Lite Jazz Mix 2 1 MSC-LJZ-2
New Age Royalty Free Music CDs
Inner Life Scenescapes 1 ILS
New Age Landscapes 1 NAL
New Age Mix 1 1 MSC-NEW-1
New Age Mix 2 1 MSC-NEW-2
News Royalty Free Music CDs
Headline News Music 1 HNM
Rock Royalty Free Music CDs
Alternative Rock Music 1 ARM
Energized Rock 1 ENR
Hybrid Rock 1 HYR
Eazy Rock Mix 1 1 MSC-EZR-1
Eazy Rock Mix 2 1 MSC-EZR-2
Extreme Rock Music 1 XRK
Hard Rock Mix 1 1 MSC-HRK-1
Hard Rock Mix 2 1 MSC-HRK-2
Rock Mix 1 1 MSC-RCK-1
Rock Mix 2 1 MSC-RCK-2
Rock Mix 3 1 MSC-RCK-3
Rock Mix 4 1 MSC-RCK-4
Sports Royalty Free Music CDs
Winning Sports Themes 1 WST
Competitive Sports 1 CSM
Hi-Energy Sports Music 1 HSM
Olympic Sports Music 1 OLY
Sports Mix 1 1 MSC-SPR-1
Sports Mix 2 1 MSC-SPR-2
World Music Royalty Free Music CDs
World Music - Africa & The Middle East 1 WAF
World Music Mosaic 1 WMM
Latin Mix 1 1 MSC-LAT-1
Latin Mix 2 1 MSC-LAT-2
Musical Elements
Club Elements 2 CE
Imaging Accents 2 IMA
Latin Elements 2 LE
Sports Music & Elements 2 SME
Elements 1 ELE
Stings & Things 1 ST001
Symphonic Adventures 1 SA
Production Elements - Full Collections
Mix III 5 MIX021 - MIX025
Mix VIII 5 MIX060 - MIX064
Megasonics 4 MS
Production Elements - Single CDs
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 1 1 PET01
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 2 1 PET02
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 3 1 PET03
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 4 1 PET04
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 5 1 PET05
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 6 1 PET06
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 7 1 PET07
Production Elements Toolkit Volume 8 1 PET08
Elements Café 1 1 EC01
Elements Café 2 1 EC02
Elements Café 3 1 EC03
Elements Café 4 1 EC04
Elements Café 5 1 EC05
Elements Café 6 1 EC06
Elements Café 7 1 EC07
Elements Café 8 1 EC08
Elements Café 9 1 EC09
Elements Café 10 1 EC10
The Big Whoosh 1 WHO01
The Big Whoosh 2 1 WHO02
The Big Whoosh 3 1 WHO03
The Big Whoosh 4 1 WHO04
The Big Whoosh 5 1 WHO05
The Big Whoosh 6 1 WHO06
Dark Elements 1 DE
Crime & Suspense 1 EA01
Power Distortion 1 PDE
Sounds of Darkness 1 SQFX001
X-treme Whooshes 1 SL01
Strike FX 1 1 STFX01
Strike FX 2 1 STFX02
Strike FX 3 1 STFX03
The Big Drone 2 TBD
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