Sound Ideas Sound Effects

Sound effects from Sound Ideas are available to purchase as complete collections for physical shipment to your location or as digital downloads. At Sound Ideas, we record, design and publish thousands of different single isolated sounds, special effects, Foley sound effects and background ambiences. Together, these different types of sound fx create the Sound Ideas Sound Effects Library. Many individual sound effects are also available to purchase and download as single sound files.

Once purchased, these sounds are fully licensed for synchronization rights - which mean that you can use them for game development, post-production, television and radio programs and commercials, film sound design, interactive media and more. You can benefit commercially (in other words, make money) from the use of the sound effects in your productions. There is no limit to the number of times you can use the sound effects or how may productions you make.

General Sound Effects Collections provide a broad range of audio tracks that are meant to give audio engineers the greatest variety of everyday sounds – taking them literally from aardvark to zeppelin.

Category Sound Effects Collections focus in on a single area and delve more deeply into specific sounds like animals, cars, guns, science fiction. We use 19 basic categories to identify these more detailed sound effects libraries (listed below).

General Sound Effects Collections: