Birds of Prey Sound Effects

160 Audio Files of over 30 Different Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey Sound Effects is an impressive collection of rare raptor recordings: calling, chirping, cawing, screeching, growling or even jabbering of buzzard, crane, eagle, falcon, goshawk, vulture, owl and more. These extraordinary sounds are provided in 192kHz & 48kHz / 24-bit High Definition Audio, allowing you to creatively adapt the source material to whatever you can imagine. There are more than 30 different birds represented in the 3.6 GB of 160 high quality audio files. This set of high-end SFX helps to expand your possibilities - Birds of Prey Sound Effects.

List of Content

Download the Birds of Prey Sound Effects File Listing to see the complete contents of this package.


Hi Definition broadcast WAV files

  • Recorded and provided as 192 / 24 files
  • Also provided as 48 / 24 files

  • Available on a DVD ROM
  • 160 high quality "ready-to-use" audio files
  • More than 3.6 GB of data
  • Over 30 Different Birds of Prey represented
  • Extensive Metadata
  • Birds of Prey Sound Effects Demo

    Once a track is playing, you may move forwards and backwards
    in the track by clicking anywhere within the progress bar.

    Distributed by Sound Ideas

    Birds of Prey Sound Effects

    Product Specs

    160 Audio Files

    1 DVD ROM

    BWAV Files

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