Close Combat Sound Effects Library Bundle

2,800 Punches, Kicks & Impact Sound Effects on CD & DVDs or as a Download

Close Combat Sound Effects Library Bundle is a high-definition royalty free fight sound effects collection with more than 2,800 source recordings. This is the go to library for everything from backroom brawls to special agent fight sequences. The BUNDLE gives you all ready-to-use SFX from the DESIGNED edition plus the massive amount of source recordings from the CONSTRUCTION KIT.

CLOSE COMBAT DESIGNED contains a vast variety of high quality of pre-designed ready-to-use fight sounds with a wide range of intensities - everything from punches, kicks, bone breaks, slaps, grabs and whooshes.

CLOSE COMBAT CONSTRUCTION KIT comes with an incredible sample rate of 192kHz/24bit. Delivered on 2 DVDs, this collection has everything you need to create a top-notch fight scene - Close Combat Sound Effects Library Bundle.

List of Content

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  • Over 500 files and 2,800 fight sounds
  • High-definition 192kHz, 96kHz/24bit, WAV files
  • Available on 1 CD ROM and 2 DVD ROMs
  • Also Available as a Download in 96kHz/24bit, WAV files
  • All files contain extensive metadata
  • Exciting action-packed fight sound effects, including:

  • Punch sound effects
  • Kick sound effects
  • Breaking bones sound effects
  • Impact sound effects
  • Bodydrop sound effects
  • Slap sound effects
  • Whoosh sound effects
  • Clothing sound effects
  • Close Combat Sound Effects Library Bundle

    Product Specs

    2,800 Sound Effects

    1 CD ROM &

    2 DVD ROMs

    BWAV Files

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