Transport Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series D

Over 2,200 Transportation Sound Effects

Transport Sound Effects by Digiffects - Series D is a 21 CD royalty free sound effects collection with more than 2,200 transport sounds from the very small to the very large. This comprehensive transportation sound effects library includes trains, planes and automobiles; ships, boats and ferries; buses, motorcycles and helicopters as they start, fly, pass by and skid. There is a also a good selection of car Foley sound effects in this set of CDs that includes horns, doors, keys, trunks, hoods and wipers. You can purchase the complete set of sound effects or buy the individual CDs as you need them – Transport Sound Effects by Digiffects - Series D.

List of Content

Download the Transport Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series D File Listing to see the complete contents of this package.

  • 2,290 royalty free sound effects
  • Digitally Recorded in Stereo

  • Unusual Features include:
  • European and American Car Models
  • Ferrari, Peugeot, Lamborghini and Saab models
  • Hovercraft and Mountain Trains

  • Available on 21 Audio CDs
  • Purchase as complete collection or individual CDs

  • CD Description # of SFX Add to Cart
    D Transport Series D - Full Set of 21 CDs 2290
    D01 Transport SFX - Planes, Trains, Automobiles 92
    D02 Transport SFX - Trucks, Street Cars, Diesel Engines 100
    D03 Transport SFX - Helicopters, Mercedes, Porsche 131
    D04 Transport SFX - Boats, Ships, Buses, Trains 56
    D05 Transport SFX - Car Sound Effects 117
    D06 Transport SFX - Car Sound Effects 119
    D07 Transport SFX - Car Sound Effects 116
    D08 Transport SFX - Trains, Cars & Motorcycles 90
    D09 Transport SFX - Trains, Tractors, Cars & Scooters 100
    D10 Transport SFX - Miscellaneous Transport Sounds 60
    D11 Transport SFX - Motorcycles, Streetcars, Trains, Buses & Railway 73
    D12 Transport SFX - Cars, Motorcycles, Tractors & Haymaking Machines 178
    D13 Transport SFX - Helicopters, Cars & Motor Boats 142
    D14 Transport SFX - Saab 9000, Volkswagen Golf & Toyota Corolla 107
    D15 Transport SFX - Harley Davidson Motorcycle, Mazda 626 & Large Transport Bus 131
    D16 Transport SFX - Motorcycle, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Helicopter, Prop Plane, Hovercraft & Ferry 81
    D17 Transport SFX - Ferrari 355 GTB (1995), Peugeot 307 (2002), 4-Wheel Yamaha 250 Beartracker, Cruise Ship 147
    D18 Transport SFX - Jets and Propeller Airplanes and Airport Ambiences 52
    D19 Transport SFX - Motorboat, Lexus & Honda Automobiles, Bus 156
    D20 Transport SFX - Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Golf & Kawasaki Mean Streak, plus Automatic Car Washes 169
    D21 Transport SFX - Volkswagen Lorry, Peugeot, Buster Large Boat, Mountain Railway & Subway 73

    Transport Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series D

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    2,290 Stereo Effects

    21 CDs

    CD Audio

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