Office Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series F

594 Office Sound Effects on CDs or as a Download

Office Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series F is a royalty free sound effects collection of 594 sounds from the working office environment on 5 compact discs. In this collection you will find all the equipment that keeps an office working: telephones, computers, printers, keyboards, staplers, pens, paper punches. And to keep the office workers on the job, you will find coffee machines and vending machines. Ambience tracks are also provided to give you office backgrounds in rooms of different sizes including banks, boardrooms, typing pools, post offices and break rooms. This sound effects library is available as a complete CD set, a complete library download, or as individual CDs – Office Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series F.

List of Content

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  • 594 royalty free sound effects
  • Digitally Recorded in Stereo

  • Office sounds include:
  • Ambience tracks from various sized rooms
  • Individual office equipment

  • Available on 5 Audio CDs
  • Purchase as complete collection or individual CDs

  • Complete Series F is also available as a Download purchase

    CD Description # of SFX Add to Cart
    F Office Series F - Full Set of 5 CDs 594
    F01 Office SFX - Furniture, Alarms, Doors, Elevators 114
    F02 Office SFX - Vending Machine, Water Fountain, Postage Meter 87
    F03 Office SFX - Morse Code, Telex, Gavel 68
    F04 Office SFX - Telephones, Faxes, Security Doors 112
    F05 Office SFX - Computers, Phones, Paper 213

    Office Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series F

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    594 Stereo Effects

    5 CDs

    CD Audio

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