Sports Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series H

1,276 Sports Sound Effects on CDs or as a Download

Sports Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series H is a 9 CD sound effects library with sports sounds from around the world. This royalty free sound effects collection includes individual sports sounds from equipment & play as well as crowd sounds and playing field ambiences. This is a diverse selection that presents martial arts, working out in the gym, European & American crowds along with European & American football. The 9 compact discs in this sound effects library provide over 1,200 sports sound effects. The library is available to purchase as a complete CD set, a complete library download, or as individual CDs – Sports Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series H.

List of Content

Download the Sports Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series H File Listing to see the complete contents of this package.

  • 1,276 royalty free sound effects
  • Digitally Recorded in Stereo

  • Sports sounds include:
  • Sports equipment and play
  • European & American Sports Crowds
  • Team sports & individual sports
  • Familiar sports like Hockey & Soccer

  • Available on 9 Audio CDs
  • Purchase as complete collection or individual CDs

  • Complete Series H is also available as a Download purchase

    CD Description # of SFX Add to Cart
    H Sports Series H - Full Set of 9 CDs 1276
    H01 Sports SFX - Specific Sports Sounds & Crowd Sounds 116
    H02 Sports SFX - Racing, Gymnastics, Track & Field, Hockey 116
    H03 Sports SFX - Racing, Tennis, Volleyball, Ice Skating 111
    H04 Sports SFX - Gym Equipment, Motocross, Skateboard, Golf, Petanque 150
    H05 Sports SFX - Car Racing, Skiing, Bandy, Basketball & Boxing 84
    H06 Sports SFX - Snowboarding, Skiing, Skating, Soccer & Car Racing 104
    H07 Sports SFX - Golf, Bowling, Curling, Badminton & Squash 321
    H08 Sports SFX - Motocross Bikes, Go Carts, Speedway Bikes, Indoor Bandy, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball 62
    H09 Sports SFX - Table Tennis, Gym Weights & Equipment, Soccer Football & Game Ambiences, Ice Hockey & Game Ambiences 212

    Sports Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series H

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    1,276 Stereo Effects

    9 CDs

    CD Audio

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