Dimension Sound Effects Library

1000 Royalty Free Holophonic Sound Effects on 10 CDs

Dimension Sound Effects Library is the world’s first and only Holophonic sound effects collection. Holophonic sound recording was developed by Hugo Zuccarelli in the 1980s. It was designed to go further than surround sound. Just as holograms use multiple exposures of an image to create a multi-dimensional image - holophonic recording uses multiple exposures of a sound recording to create a multi-dimensional sound. How do you produce a Holophonic sound recording? You add layers to the recording by including the interference pattern that is generated when the original recorded signal is combined with an inaudible digital reference signal. This is the one and only Dimension Sound Effects Library. Available by download, this 10 CD general sound effects collection offers a practical selection of 1,000 royalty free sound effects in the following categories: Ambience, Animals, Communications, Electronic, Household, Industry, Music, People, Recreation, Transportation, Weather and Weapons.

List of Content

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  • World’s only Holophonic Sound Effects Library
  • 1,000 royalty free sound effects on 10 Audio CDs or as a Download

  • 12 distinct sound categories including:
  • Ambience, Animals, Communications
  • Electronic, Household, Industry
  • Music, People, Recreation
  • Transportation, Weather and Weapons

  • Featured Recordings include:
  • Sci Fi Sound and Alien Atmospheres
  • Timpani Drums and Marching Bands
  • Cartoon Whistles and Flexitones
  • Sports Equipment and Backgrounds
  • City and Country Ambiences

  • Find out more about Holophonic Sound

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    Once a track is playing, you may move forwards and backwards
    in the track by clicking anywhere within the progress bar.

    Dimension Sound Effects Library

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    1000 Stereo Effects

    10 CDs

    CD Audio

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