Larger Than Life Sound Effects Library

751 BIG Royalty Free Sound Effects offered on 5 Audio CDs or as a Download

Larger Than Life Sound Effects is an awesome collection of 751 BIG royalty free sound effects offered on 5 Audio CDs or as a download. Created by Sound Dogs, one of Hollywood’s most elite production teams, the explosions, gunfire, thunder, bangs and crashes in this collection are undiluted and full strength. This collection includes Weapon Sounds - archery, arrow impacts, arrows hitting dirt targets, flaming arrows, hand guns, flame throwers, Sherman tanks, tank turrets; Fight Sounds, body falls, bone breaks, flesh rips & stabs, body hits, body punch impacts, face hits; and Science Fiction Sounds - rocket & space ship blast offs, Sci Fi whooshes, space object whooshes, space zaps, drone whooshes, space demons; and all of them are over the top, just where you need them to be. Big sounds for big productions – Larger Than Life Sound Effects.

List of Content

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  • 751 royalty free sound effects
  • Digitally recorded stereo audio
  • Available on 5 Audio CDs or by Download
  • Created by Sound Dogs – to be larger than life

  • Fire sound effects
  • Forest fires and building fires
  • Fireballs, firestorms and fire extinguishers

  • Crash sounds
  • Building, ceiling and elevator falls
  • Molotov cocktails, rumbles, blasts and debris
  • Content of this Sound Effects Collection:
    LTL 1

    Air Releases, Airplanes, Airport Control Towers, Archery, Augers

    LTL 2

    Automobiles, Auto Crashes & Skids, Boats, Bodyfalls, Bone Breaks, Crashes, Electricity, Explosions, Feedback, Fire Bursts, Flame Throwers, Glass Smashes, Hand Guns, Rifles

    LTL 3

    Body & Face Hits, Squishes, Horses, Industrial Machines, Metal Sounds

    LTL 4

    Radio Static, Rockets, Sci Fi Sounds, Submarines, Sword Battles & Hits, Light Sabres

    LTL 5

    Tanks, Telemetry, Torpedoes, Trains, Volcanos, Water Geysers, Weather, Whooshes, Wood Hits

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    Larger Than Life Sound Effects Library

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