Sci-Fi Toolkit Sound Effects

7.21 GB of Sci Fi Sound Effects

This is not your average Sci-Fi sound effects library! Designed by Alexander Kopeikin, a veteran sound designer of over 50 films, this kit will become your go-to library for everything interstellar and extraterrestrial!

From extended looping atmospheres and backgrounds, to spaceships, machines, and power cores. From probes and robots, to energy beams, lasers, earthquakes, and alien liquids!

This one-of-a-kind collection was inspired by classic Hollywood science fiction films of the recent and distant past. Many of the effects were recorded on location in old factories, abandoned warehouses, garages and other buildings, as well as in a decommissioned naval vessel.

Kopeikin employed a number of unusual recording techniques and microphones (the latter including AKG C414XLII and C426B, Nevaton MK-47, and Neumann U87 Ai). Some of the sounds are the results of layered and heavily edited Foley work and were produced with an eclectic array of props, including mechanical adding machines, bagpipes, zithers, guitars, toy tops and Soviet era reel-to-reel tape recorders.

Supervising Sound Editor, Kevin Howard, says “The Sci-Fi Toolkit is an exceptional collection of new design elements and Atmospheres that work incredibly well as an addition to the already powerful Sound Designer Tool kits from Hollywood Edge. This is a must for game designers, and Sci-Fi sound editors.”

This is the perfect kit to give you some inspiration from outer space!

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  • 1,652 Unique Royalty free sound effects
  • Digitally recorded in 2 Channel Stereo in 24bit/48khz
  • 7.21 GB of sounds!
  • This Library is available on Hard Drive or as a Download
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    Sci-Fi Toolkit Sound Effects

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    7.21 GBs of Sound Effects

    24bit/48khz WAV Files

    Hard Drive

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