The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library Combo

Over 20,000 Sound Effects on CDs, DVDs, Hard Drive or via Download

Series 6000 Sound Effects Library Combo gives you choices. The CD Combo includes the content all 120 CDs of the Series 6000 "The General" Sound Effects Library and the first seven Extension collections. It provides more than 20,600 stereo sound effects covering a broad range of everyday and specialized sounds – a true general sound effects library. The collection is also available on DVDs, a Hard Drive or via Download - containing the Series 6000 "The General" Sound Effects Library plus the eight Extension collections in your choice of 24 bit / 48 kHz, 16 bit / 48 kHz, or 16 bit / 44.1 kHz WAV file versions (PC and MAC Hard Drives are available). All of the WAV files have been embedded with metadata that is fully cross referenced for detailed and accurate searches in your asset management software - Series 6000 Sound Effects Library Combo.

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The General Series 6000 DVD Combo

The General Series 6000 Hard Drive Combo

List of Content

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  • Winner of the Game Developer Hall of Fame Award
  • Contributions from the industry’s most respected recordists and sound designers
  • Includes both every day and one of a kind sound effects
  • Hard Drive comes with a 1-year replacement warranty & includes MetaDigger Software
  • Broadcast Wav file format, with metadata
  • All WAV files are MetaDigger (and other asset management software) compatible
  • MAC or PC hard drive formats available

  • Available in 3 Formats:
  • Audio CD
  • WAV files on DVD at 24 bit / 48 kHz, 16 bit / 48 kHz, or 16 bit / 44.1 kHz
  • WAV files on Hard Drive at 24 bit / 48 kHz, 16 bit / 48 kHz, or 16 bit / 44.1 kHz
  • WAV files via Download at 24 bit / 48 kHz, 16 bit / 48 kHz, or 16 bit / 44.1 kHz
  • Contents of Series 6000 Sound Effects Library:
    6001 Aviation #1 6021 Household #2
    6002 Aviation #2 6022 Industry
    6003 Animals & Birds 6023 Industry & Jungle
    6004 Auto Races & Crashes 6024 Marine
    6005 Auto, Ford Escort 6025 Military
    6006 Auto, Olds Cutlass 6026 Motorcycles
    6007 Auto, Lincoln 6027 Music & Percussion
    6008 Auto, Honda Accord 6028 Office
    6009 Auto, Grand Am 6029 Outdoor Sounds
    6010 Misc: A - C 6030 Restaurants & Stores
    6011 Construction #1 6031 Sports
    6012 Construction #2 6032 Misc: H - S
    6013 Crowds #1 6033 Transportation
    6014 Crowds #2 6034 Traffic
    6015 Fire 6035 Water
    6016 Foley: Footsteps #1 6036 Weather: Randy Thom
    6017 Foley: Footsteps #2 6037 Misc: S - Z
    6018 Misc: D - H 6038 Misc: Frank Serafine
    6019 Helicopters 6039 Misc: Mike McDonough
    6020 Household #1 6040 Misc: Alan Howarth

    Contents of Series 6000 Extension I Sound Effects:

    Airplanes: Biplane, Crash, Float, Single Prop, Twin Prop, Four Engine, Squadron, Jet


    Airplanes: Jet, Hydraulics, Skid, Airport Ambiences, Autos: 1923 Dodge Paddy Wagon, 1927 Ford Model A, 1928 Lincoln Phantom, Volkswagen


    Autos: 1970 Chevy SS, Pickup Truck, Humvee, Auto Crashes, Auto Sounds, Auto Races, Auto Skids


    Adding Machine, Air, Alarms, Animals, Antacids, Aquarium Sounds, Archery, Axes, Bank Machines, Bars, Barbeques, Basketball, Beads, Bells, Bicycles, Bingo, Birds, Blacksmiths, Blinds


    Boats, Bodyfalls, Bone Drops, Book Drops, Box Drops, Briefcases, Bubbles, Buckets, Bug Sprayers, Bullfights, Buzzes, Cabinets, Cameras, Canteens, Carpet Sweepers, Carts, Cartoon Sounds, Cash Registers, Casino Sounds, Caves, Chains, Chainsawa, Chairs, Chalkboards, Champagne Bottles, Chandeliers, Cheques, Chests, Chimes, Church Sounds


    City Sounds, Clocks, Clothes, Cocktails, Coffee, Compressors, Coins, Construction, Coolers, Cookie Jars, Country Sounds, Crashes, Creaks, Credit Cards

    6047 Crowds

    Crowds, Digging Sounds, Dirt Falls, Doors, Drawbridges, Drops, Earthquakes, Electricity, Elevators, Escalators, Exercise Equipment, Explosions


    Fans, Farm Harvesters, Fences, Fire, Fireworks, Flies, Footsteps, Forest Sounds

    6050 Guns

    Forklifts, Freezers, Fuses, Garbage Cans, Garbage Trucks, Garden Trimmers, Gas Cans, Gas Stations, Generators, Glass Sounds, Golf, Gongs, Gramophones, Grinders, Gum Ball Machines, Harbour Sounds, Helicopters, Hits, Hockey, Horns, Garden Hoses


    Hospital Sounds, Hot Tubs, Hub Turners, Human Sounds, Hydralic Lifts, Ice, Impact Wrenches, Industrial Sounds

    6053 Industrial Sounds

    Industrial Sounds, Ironing, Jet Packs, Jewellery Boxes, Jungle Sounds, Knives, Ladders, Lathes, Lawn Mowers, Light Bulbs, Loading Docks, Machines, Mailboxes, Make Up Bags, Marbles, Matches, Medical Bags, Medicine Cabinets, Message Tubes, Metal Detectors, Metal Sounds, Microfilm Machines, Missiles, Motors


    Motorcycles, Music Boxes, Newspaper Boxes, Office Ambiences, Oil Cans, Paint Shakers, Paper Shredders, Parachutes, Picnic Baskets, Polishers, Popcorn, Pottery Breaks, Pouring Sounds, Projectors, Pulleys, Pumps, Punch Clocks, Purses, Radiators, Radios, Raffle Sounds, Rain, Rain Sticks


    Restaurant Sounds, Robotics, Rock Climbing, Rock Sounds, Roller Coasters, Sci Fi Sounds, Scrapes, Sewing Boxes, Shakes, Sharks, Shaving, Ships, Shipyards, Shovels, Showers, Sirens, Ice Skating Sounds


    Ice Skating Sounds, Ski Lifts, Slides, Snow Plows, Snowboards, Soldiers, Spins, Sprinklers, Squeaks, Steam, Stereos, Stopwatches, Stoves, Street Sweepers, Suction, Suits of Armour, Suitcases, Swamp Sounds, Sweeping Sounds, Swimming, Swishes


    Switches, Tanks, Tarps, Telemetry, Telephones, Teletypes, Televisions, Telex Machines, Thermos Bottles, Thunder, Ticket Dispensers, Toasters, Toilets, Tool Belts, Toys, Trains

    6059 Trains

    Tree Mulchers, Twirls, Umbrellas, Vacuum Cleaners, Velcro, Vending Machines, Wagons, Walkers, Walkie Talkies, Washing Machines, Water Sounds, Weather Charts, Whistles, Winches, Winds, Windmills, Wire Fasteners, Wood Sounds, Wool Winders, Wrecking Balls, Wrestling, Zipper

    Contents of Series 6000 Extension II Sound Effects:

    Air Conditioners, Air Releases, Aircraft Carriers, Airplanes, Alarms, Autos, Axes, Balloons, Barns


    Bees, Bells, Boats, Bone Breaks, Can Punctures, City Ambiences, Clocks, Computers, Crashes, Crowds


    Crowds, Crunches, Doors, Drops, Electricity, Elevators, Explosions, Film Clappers, Fire, Fireworks, Flame Throwers, Forest Ambiences


    Glass Sounds, Golf Carts, Guns, Ricochets, Shot Guns & Silencers, Helicopters, Horses, Hospital monitors, Human Hits, Ice Picks, Industrial Sounds


    Industrial Sounds, Lawn Tractors, Marsh Ambiences, Metal Sounds, Motors, Motorcycles, Music


    Parades, Plastic Sounds, Plumbing, Police Scooters, Projectors, Radar, Radios, Rain, Ratchets, Refrigerators, Rips, Rock Sounds, Rockets, Roller Coasters, Room Tones, Scrapes, Shovels, Sirens, Snowballs


    A full CD of Snowmobile Sounds - Singles, Groups, Polaris, Vintage & Yamaha


    Squishes, Steam, Strobe Flashes, Subways, Suction, Swishes, Telemetry, Cellular Telephones, Novelty Phones, Cordless Telephones, Electronic Telephone Rings & Internal Signals, Teleconference Phones, Pagers


    Toboggans, Trains, Trucks, Wagons, Water Sounds


    Water Sounds, Weather, Werewolves, Western Ambiences, Whooshes, Wind, Wood Sounds

    Contents of Series 6000 Extension III Sound Effects:
    6071 All Terrain Vehicles

    Auto Plant Ambiences, Auto Horn Dopplers, Auto Races, Passenger Van Sounds


    Air, Airplanes, Airport Carts, Animals, Anvils, Applause, Archery, Axes, Bamboo Staffs, Barbeques, Basketball, Battles


    Bayonets, Bells, Blinds, Bodyfalls, Boomerangs, Bottles, Boxes, Boxing, Brakes, Bone Breaks, Cameras, Cans, Chains, City Sounds, Command Center Sounds, Compressors, Computer Sounds, Construction, Cowboys, Crashes, Creaks, Crowds


    Crowds, Dentist Sounds, Doors, Drops, Electricity, Electronics, Elevators, Exercise Bikes, Explosions


    Fans, Faxes, Fire, Fireworks, Flame Throwers, Flares, Food Sounds, Footsteps, Forest Sounds, France Ambiences, Furnaces, Garbage Trucks, Generators, Glass Sounds, Guillotines, Guns


    Gun Foley, Gun Holsters, Hits, Horror Sounds, Horse Sounds, Hospital Sounds, Human Hits, Ice Makers, Impact Wrenches, India Ambiences

    6078 Industrial Sounds

    Italy Ambiences, Knife Sounds, Laboratories, Leather Sounds, Marsh Sounds, Mechanical Latches, Megaphones, Metal Sounds, Missiles, Mortars, Motors, Motorcycles, Music, Paper Sounds, Photocopiers, Pinball Machines, Postage Meters, Power Washers, Prison Guards, Projectors, Paper Punches, Radios, Rain, Refrigators, Rockets, Roller Blades, Rumbles, Scales, SCi Fi Sounds, Scrapes


    Servos, Sewing Machines, Ski Sounds, Slides, Slingshots, Spitballs, Squeaks, Submarines, Swishes, Switches, Swords, Tanks, Tape Recorders, Tarps, Tear Gas, Telemetry, Thailand Ambiences, Throwing Stars, Thunder, Torches, Toys, Garden Trimmers, Trucks, Vacuums, Vending Machines, Walkies Talkies, Water Sounds, Wheels, Whooshes, Winches, Winds, Wood Sounds

    Contents of Series 6000 Extension IV Sound Effects:

    Air, Airplanes, Alarms, Creatures, Arcade Video Games, Auto Races


    Auto Races, Auto Tire Spins, Axe Chops, Battle Ambiences, City Ambiences, Cartoon Voices, Construction Ambiences, Construction Bulldozers, Crashes, Creaks, Crowds


    Crowds, Doors, Earthquakes, Electricity, Elevators, Engine Rooms, Explosions, Fires, Fireworks, Forest Ambiences


    Furnaces, Glass Sounds, Bullet Impacts & Ricochets, Hits, Hockey Ambiences, Horror & Foley, Heart Monitors, Human Grunts, Ice Sounds, Industrial Ambiences


    Industrial Machines, Marsh Ambiences, Metal Detectors, Marching Bands, Radio Tuning, Rain, Residential & Rest Stop Ambiences, Rock Falls, Room Tones


    Sci Fi Alarms, Ambiences, Drones amd other Sounds, Stone Scrapes, Shovels, Slides, Snowblowers, Snow Plows


    Snow Plows, Telemetry, Telephones, Timers, Traffic Ambiences, Steam Trains


    Steam Trains, Tree Falls, Truck Signals, Walkie Talkies, Water Sounds, Wind Ambiences, Wood Sounds


    Helicopter Sounds: Astar AS350D, Chinook, Hughes 300, Labrador Search & Rescue, Sikorsky

    6090 Hummer H1 SUV: Full Package

    Contents of Series 6000 Extension V Sound Effects:

    Air, Airplanes, Arcade Music, Auto Sounds, Dragster Races


    Auto Stock Car Races, Auto Street Car Races


    Avalanches, Axe Sounds, Balloons, Battle, Bellows, Boats, Bodyfalls, Bubbles, Buses, Car Washes, Briefcases & Luggage, Casino Ambiences, Ceiling Vibrations, Chainsaws, City Ambiences


    Clocks, Coffee Machine, Construction Ambience, Country Ambiences, Metal Crashes, Meteor Crash, Rock Crashes, Wood Crashes, Crowd Sounds, Dirt, Dishwashers, Dogs, Doors, Drawers, Hand Drills


    Hair Dryers, Electricity, Steam Engines, Explosions, Fans, Fax Machines, Fire, Fireworks, Food, Forest Ambiences, Freezers, Furnace, Paint Ball Gun SFX, Hammer Sounds, Submarine Hatch, Heater, Helicopter, Glass Hits, Plastic Hits, Plexiglass Hits, Rock Hits, Rubber Hits, Snow Hits, Human Sounds, Ice Sounds, Industry Sounds


    Industry Sounds, Insect Sounds, Jungle Ambiences, Lawn Mower, Leaves, Marsh Ambiences, Metal Drops, Drums, Rattles, Rumbles & Slides, Microphones, Missles, Motocross Motorcycles


    Motocross Motorcycles, Parades, Photocopier, Piano Sounds, Plastic Crunches, Short Wave Radio, Rain, Refrigerators, Residential Ambiences, Rock Cracks, Falls, Movements & Scrapes


    Room Tones, Electric Sanders, Circular, Hand, Miter & Reciprocating Saws, Jigsaws, Sci Fi Sounds, Servos, Snowballs, Snow Crunches & Rolls, Staple Guns, Stove, Subway


    Swishes, Switches, Tape Measures, Telephone Pagers, Thunder, Toy Sounds, Traffic, Train Station, Animal Traps, Tree Falls, Vacuum, Vending Machines, Video Static, Volcanoes, Washing Machine, Water Sounds


    Water Sounds, Welding, Whooshes, Winch, Wind Sounds, Windows, Wood Breaks, Creaks, Crunches, Drops, Movement & Scrapes

    Contents of Series 6000 Extension VI Sound Effects:

    Accordions, Acid, Air Conditioners, Jet and Vintage Airplanes


    Airports, Alarms, Animals (Badgers & Dogs), Antacids, Auto Sounds, Auto Races & Skids, Bag Sounds, Ball Catches, Bells, Blinds, Boats, Bone Breaks & Movements, Book Movements, Bottle Sounds, Box Sounds, Boxing, Briefcases, School Buses


    Cameras, Cans, Cardboard, Cash Registers, Casino Ambiences, Chain Sounds, Chairs, City Ambiences, Clocks, Coffee Grinders, Coins, Comedy Sounds, Computers, Containers, Cookie Jars, Country Ambiences, Crashes & Creaks

    6104 Crowd Sounds

    Crunches, Cuba Ambiences, Dirt Sounds, Dishes, Doors, Drapes, Drums, Clothes Dryers, Electronic Sounds, Steam Engines, Explosions, Fans, File Cabinets, Fires, Fishing Rods, Food, Footsteps, Freezers, Furnaces, Garbage Cans, Glass Sounds, Pepper Grinders, Hair Dryers, Helicopters, Human Sounds


    Human Sounds, Ice, Industry Sounds, Jars, Keys, Knives, Lawn Mowers, Leaves, Hydraulic Lifts, Marsh Ambiences, Matches, Metal Sounds, Microwave Ovens, Mixers, Motorcycles


    Musical Instruments, Newspapers, Noisemakers, Ovens, Paper Sounds, Park Ambiences, Picnic Baskets, Plastic Sounds, Pouring Sounds, Projectors, Radio Tuning, Rain, Rakes, Ratchets, Refrigerators, Residential and Restaurant Ambiences, Rips, Rocks, Roller Coasters


    Room Tones, Rope Creaks, Rubber Sounds, Sci Fi, Scissors, Servos, Salt Shakers, Electric Shavers, Shovels, Snow, Splats, Squirts, Staplers, Steam Pipes, Stereo CD Players, Streetcars, Guitar Strings, Subways, Suction Cups, Suitcases, Swishes, Switches


    Tape, Telemetry, Telephones, Televisions, Thunder, Tissues, Toilets, Toys, Tractors, Traffic, Trains, Trash Compactors, Hedge Trimmers, Typewriters, Umbrellas, Vacuum Cleaners, Velcro, Vending Machines, Video Cassette Cases, Vinyl Sounds, Volcanoes


    Walkie Talkies, Washing Machines, Water Sounds, Whistles, Whoopee Cushions, Whooshes, Winches, Wind Sounds, Wood Sounds, Wrap Sounds, Writing Sounds

    Contents of Series 6000 Extension VII Sound Effects:

    Airplanes, Airports


    Ambulances, Archery, Automobiles, Axes


    Bags, Ballistas, Battles, Bells, Boats, Bodyfalls, Bone Breaks, Books, Bottles

    6114 Boxes, Brushes, Buses, Cans, Cases, Catapults

    Chimes, Clamps, Coffee Grinders, Coins, Comedy, Construction, Country Ambiences, Crowds, Cutters, Debris, Demolition, Dishes, Dogs, Doors, Drills, Electronics, Fire, Food, Footsteps, Forest Ambiences


    Hammers, Helicopters, Horror, Human Sounds, Ice, Jars


    Knives, Metal Sounds, Metronomes, Motors, Music, Paper, Parades, Parking Lots, Planes, Plungers, Pottery, Pouring Sounds, Rain, Ratchets, Rocks, Rubber Bands, Sanders & Sanding


    Sci Fi


    Scissors, Servos, Sharpeners, Soldiers, Steam, Sweeps, Sweeping, Switches, Swords, Tape Recorders, Toolboxes, Trebuchets, Trucks


    Trucks, Vices, Water, Whooshes, Wind, Wood, Zaps

    Contents of Series 6000 Extension VIII Sound Effects:

    City Ambiences
    Country Ambiences
    Hospitals & Medical Equipment

    Household Sounds
    Industrial Sounds
    Public Transportation
    Room Tones
    Wind… and more.

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    So, if you are using an asset content manager like the Sound Ideas MetaDigger software, you can simply download the digital audio files from the DVD or hard drive to your system and use MetaDigger to display, search and export their metadata information, audition the audio content and perform other functions with wav or mp3 files. It's that easy - the ripping and metadata work have already been done for you by Sound Ideas.

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    The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library Combo

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