Series 6000 Extension III Sound Effects Library

1,800 Digitally Recorded Stereo Sound Effects - on CDs or as a Download

Series 6000 Extension III Sound Effects Library from Sound Ideas is another commanding installment in the Series 6000 sound effects library with more than 1,800 digitally recorded stereo sound effects from a wide variety of general sound effects categories. Extension III provides many contemporary sound effects, such as all terrain vehicles, automobiles and guns, as well as a spectacular selection of weapons, battles, horror, crashes, smashes, crowds, doors, explosions, hits, vehicles, swishes and whooshes sound effects. We have also included a special selection of international ambience and background tracks from France, Italy, India and Thailand. From Bamboo Staffs to Bayonets; Dentistry to Industry; and Spitballs to martial arts Throwing Stars – you can find them all in Series 6000 Extension III Sound Effects Library.

List of Content

Download the Series 6000 Extension III Effects Library File Listing to see the complete contents of this package.


  • Audio CD – Stereo
  • Digitally Recorded
  • 10 CDs with more than 1,800 royalty free sound effects
  • Also available as a Download in 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 WAV file formats
  • Designed to complement the other Series 6000 Sound Effects Collections
  • Contents of this Sound Effects Collection:
    6071 All Terrain Vehicles

    Auto Plant Ambiences, Auto Horn Dopplers, Auto Races, Passenger Van Sounds


    Air, Airplanes, Airport Carts, Animals, Anvils, Applause, Archery, Axes, Bamboo Staffs, Barbeques, Basketball, Battles


    Bayonets, Bells, Blinds, Bodyfalls, Boomerangs, Bottles, Boxes, Boxing, Brakes, Bone Breaks, Cameras, Cans, Chains, City Sounds, Command Center Sounds, Compressors, Computer Sounds, Construction, Cowboys, Crashes, Creaks, Crowds


    Crowds, Dentist Sounds, Doors, Drops, Electricity, Electronics, Elevators, Exercise Bikes, Explosions


    Fans, Faxes, Fire, Fireworks, Flame Throwers, Flares, Food Sounds, Footsteps, Forest Sounds, France Ambiences, Furnaces, Garbage Trucks, Generators, Glass Sounds, Guillotines, Guns


    Gun Foley, Gun Holsters, Hits, Horror Sounds, Horse Sounds, Hospital Sounds, Human Hits, Ice Makers, Impact Wrenches, India Ambiences

    6078 Industrial Sounds

    Italy Ambiences, Knife Sounds, Laboratories, Leather Sounds, Marsh Sounds, Mechanical Latches, Megaphones, Metal Sounds, Missiles, Mortars, Motors, Motorcycles, Music, Paper Sounds, Photocopiers, Pinball Machines, Postage Meters, Power Washers, Prison Guards, Projectors, Paper Punches, Radios, Rain, Refrigators, Rockets, Roller Blades, Rumbles, Scales, SCi Fi Sounds, Scrapes


    Servos, Sewing Machines, Ski Sounds, Slides, Slingshots, Spitballs, Squeaks, Submarines, Swishes, Switches, Swords, Tanks, Tape Recorders, Tarps, Tear Gas, Telemetry, Thailand Ambiences, Throwing Stars, Thunder, Torches, Toys, Garden Trimmers, Trucks, Vacuums, Vending Machines, Walkies Talkies, Water Sounds, Wheels, Whooshes, Winches, Winds, Wood Sounds

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    Series 6000 Extension III Sound Effects Library

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    1,853 Stereo Effects

    10 CDs

    CD Audio

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