Series 6000 Extension Sound Effects Library

20 CDs with over 3,200 Royalty Free Sound Effects - Also available via Download

Series 6000 Extension Sound Effects Library is the perfect partner for the incredibly successful Series 6000 Sound Effects Library - known worldwide as The General. This first extension in the Series 6000 sound effects collection offers 20 CDs with over 3,200 professional quality royalty free sound effects, all digitally recorded in stereo. this library is also available as a Download. Substantial research and long hours recording sound effects in the field and mastering them in the studio were required to put together this collection of professional audio’s most in-demand royalty free sound effects. We also enlisted the special efforts and talents of some of the audio industry's most respected sound recordists and sound designers to complete the Series 6000 Extension Sound Effects Library.

List of Content

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  • Audio CD – Stereo
  • Digitally Recorded
  • 20 CDs with more than 3,200 royalty free sound effects
  • Also available as a Download in 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 WAV file formats
  • Collection of pro audio’s in-demand sound effects
  • Contributions from well-respected sound recordists and sound designers
  • Contents of this Sound Effects Collection:

    Airplanes: Biplane, Crash, Float, Single Prop, Twin Prop, Four Engine, Squadron, Jet


    Airplanes: Jet, Hydraulics, Skid, Airport Ambiences, Autos: 1923 Dodge Paddy Wagon, 1927 Ford Model A, 1928 Lincoln Phantom, Volkswagen


    Autos: 1970 Chevy SS, Pickup Truck, Humvee, Auto Crashes, Auto Sounds, Auto Races, Auto Skids


    Adding Machine, Air, Alarms, Animals, Antacids, Aquarium Sounds, Archery, Axes, Bank Machines, Bars, Barbeques, Basketball, Beads, Bells, Bicycles, Bingo, Birds, Blacksmiths, Blinds


    Boats, Bodyfalls, Bone Drops, Book Drops, Box Drops, Briefcases, Bubbles, Buckets, Bug Sprayers, Bullfights, Buzzes, Cabinets, Cameras, Canteens, Carpet Sweepers, Carts, Cartoon Sounds, Cash Registers, Casino Sounds, Caves, Chains, Chainsawa, Chairs, Chalkboards, Champagne Bottles, Chandeliers, Cheques, Chests, Chimes, Church Sounds


    City Sounds, Clocks, Clothes, Cocktails, Coffee, Compressors, Coins, Construction, Coolers, Cookie Jars, Country Sounds, Crashes, Creaks, Credit Cards

    6047 Crowds

    Crowds, Digging Sounds, Dirt Falls, Doors, Drawbridges, Drops, Earthquakes, Electricity, Elevators, Escalators, Exercise Equipment, Explosions


    Fans, Farm Harvesters, Fences, Fire, Fireworks, Flies, Footsteps, Forest Sounds

    6050 Guns

    Forklifts, Freezers, Fuses, Garbage Cans, Garbage Trucks, Garden Trimmers, Gas Cans, Gas Stations, Generators, Glass Sounds, Golf, Gongs, Gramophones, Grinders, Gum Ball Machines, Harbour Sounds, Helicopters, Hits, Hockey, Horns, Garden Hoses


    Hospital Sounds, Hot Tubs, Hub Turners, Human Sounds, Hydralic Lifts, Ice, Impact Wrenches, Industrial Sounds

    6053 Industrial Sounds

    Industrial Sounds, Ironing, Jet Packs, Jewellery Boxes, Jungle Sounds, Knives, Ladders, Lathes, Lawn Mowers, Light Bulbs, Loading Docks, Machines, Mailboxes, Make Up Bags, Marbles, Matches, Medical Bags, Medicine Cabinets, Message Tubes, Metal Detectors, Metal Sounds, Microfilm Machines, Missiles, Motors


    Motorcycles, Music Boxes, Newspaper Boxes, Office Ambiences, Oil Cans, Paint Shakers, Paper Shredders, Parachutes, Picnic Baskets, Polishers, Popcorn, Pottery Breaks, Pouring Sounds, Projectors, Pulleys, Pumps, Punch Clocks, Purses, Radiators, Radios, Raffle Sounds, Rain, Rain Sticks


    Restaurant Sounds, Robotics, Rock Climbing, Rock Sounds, Roller Coasters, Sci Fi Sounds, Scrapes, Sewing Boxes, Shakes, Sharks, Shaving, Ships, Shipyards, Shovels, Showers, Sirens, Ice Skating Sounds


    Ice Skating Sounds, Ski Lifts, Slides, Snow Plows, Snowboards, Soldiers, Spins, Sprinklers, Squeaks, Steam, Stereos, Stopwatches, Stoves, Street Sweepers, Suction, Suits of Armour, Suitcases, Swamp Sounds, Sweeping Sounds, Swimming, Swishes


    Switches, Tanks, Tarps, Telemetry, Telephones, Teletypes, Televisions, Telex Machines, Thermos Bottles, Thunder, Ticket Dispensers, Toasters, Toilets, Tool Belts, Toys, Trains

    6059 Trains

    Tree Mulchers, Twirls, Umbrellas, Vacuum Cleaners, Velcro, Vending Machines, Wagons, Walkers, Walkie Talkies, Washing Machines, Water Sounds, Weather Charts, Whistles, Winches, Winds, Windmills, Wire Fasteners, Wood Sounds, Wool Winders, Wrecking Balls, Wrestling, Zipper

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    Series 6000 Extension Sound Effects Library

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