Sony Pictures Sound Effects Library Volumes 6-10

More than 1,100 Royalty Free Sound Effects on 5 CD ROMs

Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Vol 6-10 provides more than 1,100 royalty free audio files in 16 bit 44.1 kHz digital format on 5 CD ROMs. The sound designed effects in this collection explore the outer limits of science fiction, provide a variety of nail-biting horror soundscapes, and can catapult your mind into the realm of the fantastic or back to the Civil War battlefield. Also included is a series of layerable, 5.1 surround sound explosions. You can adjust each channel to your own satisfaction, boost the sub, or remove elements to get a stripped down quadraphonic sound. The accompanying booklet includes interviews with five of the industry's most prominent, influential sound design professionals with their tricks of the trade. Sonic elements from some of cinema's most imaginative films – Sony Pictures Sound Effects Vol 6-10.

List of Content

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  • 1,100 royalty free sound effects
  • 16 / 44.1 WAV files
  • Available on 5 CD ROMs
  • Created by Sony Pictures

  • Designed Sound Effects:
  • Science fiction
  • Horror Soundscapes
  • Civil War Battles
  • Antique Automobiles
  • Layerable 5.1 surround sound explosions

  • Booklet of tips and tricks of the trade from sound design pros

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    Sony Pictures Sound Effects Library Volumes 6-10 Demo

    Once a track is playing, you may move forwards and backwards
    in the track by clicking anywhere within the progress bar.

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    Sony Pictures Sound Effects Library Volumes 6-10

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    1126 Sound Effects

    5 CDs

    CD ROM

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