Squeaks & Creaks Sound Effects

2 DVDs of 1,531 Friction-Driven Sound Effects

Squeaks & Creaks Sound Effects is a collection of 1,531 friction-driven squeals and screeches that provides you with an incredible array of squeaky and creaky sound effects - whether involving large or small, household or industrial, metal, wood, plastic or glass - we've got all the squeaks and creaks that you need. The broadcast wav files are provided in their original 24 bit / 96 k format on 2 DVD ROMs, with fully embedded metadata and a separate list of the complete contents. DVD 2 also includes a bonus 24bit / 48k version of Squeaks & Creaks Sound Effects.

Creaking Sound Effects

DVD 1 features Creaking Sounds, including Doors, Floor Boards, Furniture, Hinges, Leather, Machinery, Metal, Plastic, Springs, Wheels and Wood

Squeaking Sound Effects

DVD 2 features predominately Squeaking Sounds, including Bicycles, Leather, Glass, Wood and Metal

List of Content

Download the Squeaks & Creaks Sound Effects File Listing to see the complete contents of this package.


  • 1531 royalty free sound effects
  • Available on 2 DVDs
  • Stereo Sounds
  • Squeaks & Creaks Sound Effects

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    1531 Sound Effects

    2 DVD ROMs

    BWAV Files

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