Universal Studios Sound Effects Library Discontinued

A 5 CD Royalty Free Sound Effects Collection on 5 CDs

Universal Studios SFX Library is a 5 CD royalty free sound effects collection pulled straight from the heart of some of Universal Studios most famous and timeless motion picture presentations. Using this sound effects library is like getting access to Universal Studios during the shooting of their most monumental feature films ever – these are classic feature film sound effects that have been digitally re-mastered for use in modern studios. The scope of the library takes you from the old West through World War II and out beyond the stars into the world of science fiction. There are muskets and cavalry horses, depth charges and whistle bombs, space ships and space guns – the Universal Studios SFX Library.

List of Content

Download the Universal Studios Sound Effects Library File Listing to see the complete contents of this package.


  • 1,074 royalty free sound effects
  • Available on 5 Audio CDs
  • Digitally re-mastered
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  • Feature Film Sound Effects from Universal
  • Sounds from the Old West
  • World War II Epics
  • Science Fiction Film Sounds
  • Vintage Transportation Sounds
  • Airplanes of all sorts – and Airports
  • Classic Film Body Falls and Punches
  • Contents of this Sound Effects Collection:

    Single Prop Airplanes, Biplanes, Triplanes, Twin Prop Airplanes, Four Engine Airplanes, Eight Engine Airplanes, Airport Ambience


    Aviation, Animals, Avalanches, Human Bodyfalls, Boxing, Comedy, Crashes


    Doors, Electricity, Explosions, Fires, Human Hits, Horns, Knife Throws, Metal Hits, Face Punches, Space Doors, Space Gun Shots, Space Ships, Swords, Telegraphs, Underwater Sounds, Volcanos, Werewolves, Whips


    Grenades, Military Cannons, Rockets, Whistle Bombs, Explosions, Depth Charges, Torpedoes, Submarines, Tanks, Swords, Sword Fights, Marching, Hand Guns, Muskets, Rifles, Ricochets, machine Guns, Military Battles


    Steam Trains, Indians, Western Battles, Stagecoaches, Horses Walking, Horses Trotting, Horses Cantering, Horses Galloping, Cavalry Horses

    Universal Studios Sound Effects Library

    Product Specs

    1074 Sound Effects

    5 CDs

    CD Audio

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    Sorry... Universal Studios Sound Effects Library has been discontinued