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The fully functioning SuperSearch programs can be downloaded in either MAC or PC format. They are provided to you free of charge. Click on the format of your choice below.

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The downloadable files have been created as a FileMaker Pro database, and the file also contains a complete FileMaker Pro search engine program (with a basic user license) to access the database.

SuperSearch is designed and updated by Sound Ideas to be used as your own personal sound effect or music search tool. SuperSearch gives you the flexibility to customize the complete database that we provide by either deleting products you have not purchased from us yet, or by adding your own personal sound effects data or your own music data.

ASCII Files Are Also Available

We also provide downloadable ASCII data files for all of our products. If you would like to import our sound effects and music data into your own search database, or if need to import our data into a software package that is accessible to the visually impaired, we invite you to use these data files.


MetaDigger is free software download created by Sound Ideas. Available for MAC or PC, MetaDigger is designed to display, search and export metadata details from broadcast wav and mp3 sound effects audio files.

Download Metadigger Software Program