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Sound Ideas is proud to announce that we have purchased The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects libraries.

Sound Ideas and The Hollywood Edge

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Some of Our Clients...

Sound Ideas is proud to acknowledge just a few of our Clients: Warner Bros., Google, NBC, CBS, Disney, Microsoft, The Weather Network, BBC, CNN

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Some of our Clients

Download Sound Effects, Royalty Free Music & Production Elements

Sound Ideas is proud to announce that we have purchased The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects libraries.

Sound Ideas and The Hollywood Edge

More than 450,000 sound effects, production elements and royalty free music tracks for television, film sound design, game development, post-production, interactive media and any other professional audio production use you can throw at us. We offer complete sound effects collections on hard drive, DVD and CD for delivery to your studio by digital download or physical shipment. Sound Ideas sets the standard in sound effects recording, fidelity and production. We wrote the book on digital audio production and we keep our products current to meet the demanding standards of high definition productions and producers.

Series 6000 Sound Effects

Not only do we provide the sound effects you need for creating your corporate videos, product demos and Youtube promos – we know that sooner or later you’re going to need background music. Our royalty free music is created with the same award-winning attention to detail that we use for our sound effects. We offer broad collections of production music that give you a great mix of popular royalty free music genres (Rock, Dance, Sports, Corporate, Film Score, Classical, Jazz, Easy Listening, Comedy, Holiday) as well as single CDs that focus on specific music categories.

Elements Café Royalty Free Music Audio Combo

If you work in broadcast, you use Production Elements. All the image makers and attention getting transitions, whooshes, zips, sweeps and logo IDs that you need are here – from budget conscious individual CDs with a few hundred imaging options to hard drive collections with more than 16,000 production elements.

Hanna Barbera Sound Effects
20th Century Fox sound effects
The Sound Effects of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends
Warner Bros Sound Effects
Lucasfilm Sound Effects
   Turner Entertainment Sound Effects

Sound Ideas is the exclusive distributor of sound effects collections from industry giants including Hanna-Barbera, Twentieth Century Fox, Rocky & Bullwinkle (Jay Ward Productions), Warner Bros., Lucasfilm, Turner Entertainment and Amadeus.

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