Podcast, Games & Web SFX  

Buyout Sounds - Podcast, Game & Web Sound Effects & Music

Podcast, Game and Web collections are mini buyout sounds collections and include general sound effects, production element and music libraries. Their contents and their file formats have been specially selected for ease of use in Web pages, slideshow presentations and multimedia of all shapes and sizes. Crashes, tags, rewinds & drones all come together to create small but powerful production partners.

Buyout Sounds Collection Includes

Flash eFX 1, Flash eFX 2, WebSound, Captain Audio & Mzzz Muzic
1,000 Royalty Free Sounds Ready-to-use for your Podcast Production
500 Royalty Free Sounds Ready-to-use for your Podcast Production
1,000 Royalty Free Web Audio Files provided on 1 CD ROM
1,000 Royalty Free Sounds for Web Use on 1 CD ROM

550 Button, Rollover and Sound Effects Clips
450 Royalty Free Sound Effects on CD ROM
Provides 200 Royalty Free Music Tracks for Web Development use
1,095 Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects 2 CD ROMs or Download
820 Earth Shattering Effects as a Download

Sound Effects for Game Developement and Interactive Entertainment
2000 Royalty Free Sound Effects on DVD or as a Download
1,450 Sound Clips Designed for use in PowerPoint Presentations and Web pages