Animals and Insects SFX CD

Selection of various animal and insect sounds

Animals and Insects SFX CD features 126 sounds compiled from the Digiffects Sound Effects Collection.

This compilation CD features a variety of creatures and creepy crawlies in their natural habitats.  

The Creatures:
Babboon, Badger, Camel, Deer, Dolphin, Elephant, Elk, Gnu, Hippopotamus, Lemur, Howler Monkey, Moose, Otter, Rhinoceros, Sea Lion, Seal, Wildebeest, Yak, Zebra

The Creepy Crawlies:
Toad, Mosquito, Grasshopper, Gecko, Frog, Fly, Cricket, Bee

And the various Sounds they make:
Singing, Digging, Swarming, Barking, Roaring, Flapping, Snorting, Walking, Grumbling, Blowing, Calling, Jabbering, Eating, Buzzing, Grunting and Running


  • 126 Animal and Insect Sound Effects
  • Available as a Download
  • 16/44.1 bwav files

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Product Specifications
 126 Animal & Insect Sounds
 882 MB @ 16/44.1
 Compiled from the Digiffects Collection
 Download Only


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