Comedy & Cartoon Royalty Free Music | Sound Ideas

Sound Ideas Comedy music collection is designed to bring laughs and smiles to your productions – and to make you chuckle at its silly and childlike nature. This assortment of royalty free music includes vintage comedy classics as well as modern novelty tracks that will add a comic touch to your productions. We have Circus music, Cartoon music, Scary Kid's Music and Clown Music. And if you need comedy and cartoon sound effects to complete your production or project, head on over to Sound Ideas Comedy Sounds. You can listen to all music themes on these albums before you purchase. All albums are available for purchase and immediate music download.

An eccentric, playful, exaggerated and fanciful collection of 8 comedy and cartoon music themes
10 eccentric animation themes help put the caper into your cartoons
82 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
76 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
Clowning Around is a tumbling, whimsical, goofy and silly set of 13 themes

38 antic, scampering, slapstick, playful, goofy, mischievous, offbeat and unpredictable themes
A wacky and comic circus tent collection
An offbeat, goofy and secretive selection of cartoon music.
40 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
Playful, funny, happy and childlike

Childlike exploration and mischievous plots
A playful musical look at the fun side of scary
Clumsy, mischievous, naughty and naive comedy compositions