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Sound Ideas ambiences and public places sound effects collections provide long, clean backgrounds against which you can build your story. These collections include both general ambience collections that provide a wide range of environmental sounds as well as more specialized ambience collections that dive deeply into a single location. Longer background ambience tracks provide a more seamless approach to creating the basic environment for a production. Ambience sounds in general allow the visual to match the setting. Creating a courtroom drama without the underlying sounds of a large room with human walla and fidgeting would distract from the story and take the viewer out of the drama. The addition of appropriate ambience tracks allows the viewer to experience courtroom, church, train station, thunderstorm, early morning forest or jungle in which your story is set. Sound Ideas ambience collections are also available to purchase as individual file downloads.

A wide ranging collection of 1,057 ambience length stereo wav files
400 Royalty Free Background, Atmosphere and Ambience Sound Effects
Recorded in High Definition at 24 bit / 96 kHz
345 High Definition City Ambience Sound Effects at 24/96 kHz
200 Ambience Sound Effects on 12 Audio CDs or as a Download

More than 350 Ambience Sound Effects on 15 Audio CDs or as a Download
300 Full Length Royalty Free Sound Effects for Download or on 14 Audio CDs
300 Superb Ambience Tracks in Contemporary Settings on 12 CDs and 12 DVDs or as a Download
Download 205 Ambience and Background Sound Effects
200 Royalty Free Church Bell Ringing Sound Effects

359 Sound Effects as a Download
224 General Sound Effects and Ambience Tracks on CDs or as a Download
Over 1,900 Domestic Household Sound Effects
1258 Sound Effects for Download
More than 100 Pre-mixed Environment Sound Effects

293 High Definition Natural World Sound Effects at 24/96 kHz
300 High Definition Nature Sound Effects at 24/96 kHz
318 Sound Effects for Download
173 Atmospheric and Ambience Sound Effects
Over 1,100 Rural Sound Effects

652 Royalty Free Sound Effects in 24 bit / 96 kHz wav files on 1 Hard Drive
425 Royalty Free Walla Sound Effects
566 Royalty Free Ambiences from World Capital Cites as a Complete Set or individual CD Downloads
221 Royalty Free Ambience Sound Effects on 7 DVD ROMs & 7 CDs
221 Royalty Free Sound Effects on 7 CD Audio disc

More than 200 Royalty Free Sound Effects recorded entirely in Southeast Asia
A 12 CD package containing 580 Wind and Air Movement Sound Effects
45+ GB of Medieval Sound Effects and 50+ Designed Medieval Backgrounds
Download 68 Great Locations to Enhance your Sound's Authenticity
236 Room Tone Sound Effects on a USB Flash Drive

A Large Variety of 3D Surround Room Tone Ambiences from Europe
Ambient recordings of Nature Sound Effects with man-made noises
Recordings of Urban Ambience in Modern Cities and Suburbs
Urban ambience delivered in a 3D Surround Sound format
Abandoned bomb shelter sound effects

Empty office building sounds can be spooky
Single crows and swarms
A collection of rural autumn atmospheres, recorded in the Wendland region of Germany