Industry, Machinery & Tools  

Industry, Machinery, Tools and Office Sound Effects | Sound Ideas

Industry, Machinery, Tools and Office Sound Effects provide the sounds that make the economy move: construction, factories, power plants, steel mills, and office buildings for example. Here you can find the photocopiers, fax machines and telephones as well as the factory whistles, wood lathes and compressors. Sound Ideas industry, machinery, tools and office collections are also available to purchase as individual file downloads.

796 Royalty Free Industrial Sound Effects
Recorded in High Definition at 24 bit / 96 kHz
Over 1,200 Industry Sound Effects on CDs or as a Download
594 Office Sound Effects on CDs or as a Download
1372 Sci Fi and Fantasy Sound Effects

A 12 CD package containing 580 Wind and Air Movement Sound Effects
2,870 Action, Mechanism, Machine and Motor Sound Effects
2,000 Single Source Sound Effects & 96 Complex Designed Sounds
Full palette of computer sounds
Sounds from wind turbine towers

192 kHz recordings of old, high powered motors, generators and switches
Static, buzz, hum and related sounds of flowing electricity in big and small devices
192 kHz sound collection of two antique German printing machines
Gas and water running through massive pipes and tiny pipes
Close-up motor/rotor sounds of the DJI Phantom 2 multirotor quadcopter

Rich collection of belt driven squeaks, bumps hits and groans
100 year old ferry chain drive system