Star of the East  

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Sounds Ideas World Music collection takes music and moods from all over the world including the Middle East, Far East, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean – and mixes & mingles them to create a cosmopolitan feel. There are traditional Celtic themes, medleys and dances; Latin dances and rhythms; tropical themes; and a blend of world fusion options. Click on the audio icon in the banner above to listen to "Star of the East" from the World Music - Africa & the Middle East album. In fact you can listen to all music themes on these albums before you purchase. All albums are available for purchase and immediate music download.

A lively and dynamic selection of 12 royalty free traditional Celtic medleys
23 graceful, expressive and enchanting traditional Celtic themes
10 enchanting, haunting and soothing Indian and Middle Eastern-styled themes
A worldly mix of 10 middle eastern inspired music themes
10 hypnotic and compelling world fusion themes for action & suspense

11 warm and alluring Latin and Spanish themes
13 public domain Celtic dance themes
A tranquil journey through the Orient, the Middle East and Tropical splendor
An exotic mix of fusion-formed themes: from romantic to dramatic & new age to dance
Bold and confident percussion rhythms from around the world

Haunting and beckoning world music themes
Showcasing Latin, Caribbean and Celtic fusion rhythms
Rhythms of South America, the Orient, Caribbean and Bollywood
Travel all over the planet with this collection of jingles from far away places

20 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
64 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
56 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
Fusion of World Music and World Instruments
Tropical, Latin, African and Middle Eastern themes

Music of medieval inspired themes with a Celtic feeling
Sultry, sunny and carefree Latin music
Zesty and undulating Latin music