Sound Ideas Testimonials



Here are a few words from our clients about Sound Ideas – our products and our service. If you have some comments you would like to add to this page, please let us know.


John Nutt - Senior Supervising Sound Editor
The Saul Zaentz Film Center - Berkeley, CA


Practically every feature film made in Hollywood uses sound effects from the Sound Ideas Library, and practically every sound designer who has won an award in the last few years has used sound effects from Sound Ideas. The exciting soundtracks that we’ve all become accustomed to are made possible in large part due to the availability of such high quality sound effects.


David Bradley
Sound Foundation Audio - Rocklin, CA

Just received the most my most recent order (Warner Bros. SFX) which arrived last night. As usual the content is superior quality and extremely usable. Looking forward to still many more purchases. Thanks for being so reliable ever since the old "reel to Reel days"!!!! You Guys rock the industry and are totally responsible for the great compliments I get on my projects. Keep up the good work!


Francisco Moreno - Creative Services Director
Univision Radio - Los Angeles

Sound Ideas is more than SFX or music for my production - their libraries are the vehicles I use to transport my listeners to where I want them to be - at car races, in Mexico, in the jungle or wherever you need to go. Sound Ideas provides everything you need to do your work professionally. Sound Ideas, Lo mejor!! (the best)


Bart Walker
WGNS Talk Radio - Murfreesboro, TN

Since discovering Sound Ideas and meeting you many years ago at the NAB Convention in Las Vegas, I am convinced that you offer one of the finest products in the industry.


Brian Emrich - Feature Film Sound Designer
“Phone Booth”, “One Hour Photo” and “Pi”

I have been using Sound Ideas sound effects on all my projects since my first feature film, “Pi”. The sound quality rates above many other commercial libraries I’ve tried, and the vast selection has never left me hanging. A great investment!

Steve Hacker
ISteven Hacker Productions, Inc. - Cleveland, OH

I just want you to know how pleased I am with the music and sound effects I have purchased from Sound Ideas. The XV Series SFX Library is especially great. It's succinct, but I've got to tell you - I use it every day and everything I need has been there.

Hal Knapp
Z-100 Radio NYC / HSK Productions

I never have the time or budget to record the perfect hurricane, cruise ship, orchestra, alien life form, comedy boink, or whatever. With Sound Ideas, I have it all, right in my studio! Whether it’s sound effects, production elements, or music ... if it makes a sound, I find it with Sound Ideas, and it sounds incredible!

Cory Rizos - Sound Effects Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
1999 Gemini Award Winner and 2003 Gemini Award Nominee

I’ve been using Sound Ideas sound effects CDs since the beginning of my career. Not only have their CD libraries saved the day, they also make a project really come to life. I rely on their libraries every day to get the job done.

Perry Blackman - President
Blackman Productions Inc. - Edmonton, Canada

There isn't a day that goes by that we don't depend on Sound Ideas. The selection and quality is outstanding and their customer relations are second to none.

René Beaudry - Senior Editor
Salter Street Digital - Halifax, Canada

Happy Anniversary to Sound Ideas. My last 25 years in the sound editing business have been very good and Sound Ideas has played a big part in that success. As I raise my glass, I wish you all the best and another 25 years of the same good service and great sounds.

Don Elliot - Production Director Emeritus
KFI / KOST - Los Angeles, CA

Remember the last time you were under the gun to get imaging on the air at the last minute? It seems like everybody else’s bad planning becomes an emergency on YOUR part! Now there’s a solution to not only make you the “hero”, but also make your boss look good too - he can point to you as the “problem solver”. These production elements in “The Mix” and “Elements Café” got us on the air and in-their-face so fast, that we actually went home on time after meeting impossible deadlines, time after time. The reason? Sourcing and search time is cut to a minimum when every cut is a winner! Your only problem? Well, it’s like deciding on whether to have steak or lobster at your favorite restaurant when you know they’re both great ... sometimes you end up building two versions of the production. Sound Ideas is definitely “All You Can Eat”!

David Lewis Yewdall, M.P.S.E.
Sound Effects Editor and Author -

“Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound” One sound publication firm that has truly excelled in serving the feature film market is Sound Ideas, based in Toronto. Starting with their 6000 General series, Sound Ideas began to develop a rich theatrical feel for its product. Subsequent library series have been as good, if not better.

Dave Chan - Former Audio Producer/Sound Designer BioWare Corp
now with Giant Sandbox Productions - Edmonton, Canada

The very first library I purchased when I worked at BioWare Corp. was from Sound Ideas. At that time BioWare was still a fledgling developer, but Sound Ideas treated me like I was their best customer. The quality and service at Sound Ideas is second to none. The libraries themselves are superb and have been the basis of so many effects I have created over the years that I have lost count. When anyone asks me what I recommend for sound libraries the first thing I do is point them to the Sound Ideas website. Keep up the good work and keep the libraries coming!

Allen Hurley - Production Manager
Westar Media Group - Colorado Springs, CO

Sound Ideas has made production faster and easier. It’s wonderful having the perfect effect at your fingertips. The quality is the best.

Rick Stevens
WWKZ - Tupelo, MS

Man, everything is GREAT! The stuff has been such a help to our sound!


Michael Persh
E! Entertainment Television - Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for such prompt delivery of your latest copy of SuperSearch. I can’t tell you how much time these conveniences save me and the shows I work on!


Larry Porché
Sony Studios Sound Library - Culver City, CA

It has become obvious that the Sound Ideas 6000 Series is one of the best investments any editorial company can make, and it is an excellent supplement to the pre-existing Sound Ideas volumes.


Jacques Paradis
Les Studios Marko, Inc. - Montreal, Canada

The 6000 Series is above all other libraries in choice of FX and sound quality. It’s a must for anybody in the recording industry.


Tommy Tallarico - President, Tommy Tallarico Studios, Inc.
President / Founder - G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild)

Executive Producer / CEO - Video Games Live Sound Ideas has always been the leader in providing the most diverse, fresh and exciting sound libraries around. Whenever a new library comes out from Sound Ideas, we know it will contain excellent quality and we purchase it immediately. They have a helpful and honest staff - Sound Ideas is truly an industry leader.

Andrew Woodward - Web Designer
Mango Graphic Communications - Boulder, CO

My first CD from Sound Ideas was the Flash eFX CD. I cannot begin to stress how completely priceless this CD became to me as a Flash producer and director. These sound effects from Sound Ideas are, without a doubt, the “magic” necessary to bring an animated sequence to “life”. I have been able to retrofit a current client Flash intro with all new sounds - it went from being just a visually creative piece to becoming a full-fledged kick-butt animation sequence, with all the bells and whistles. The sounds are clean and, more importantly, easy to find with your easy-to-follow organizational scheme. Thanks Sound Ideas - Rock On!


Ray Whitley - Coordinator, Media Productions
Nova Scotia Education, Learning Resources & Technology,

Halifax, Canada As a long-time user of Sound Ideas music & sound effects, we are thoroughly satisfied with your company's recordings. I have no hesitation in recommending Sound Ideas to any other prospective customer.


Bill Conners - Creative Services
99.5 WGAR / WMJI - Majic 105.7 - Cleveland, OH

I loved listening to the story of how Sound Ideas started. I remember way back in 1982 when WGAR purchased the Series 1000 on reel to reel tape and my Production Director loved the fact that there were no albums to get scratched. We had this up until a year or two ago. Thanks for making and selling all the best Sound Effects in the world!


Steve Shurtz - General Manager
The Saul Zaentz Film Center - Berkeley, CA

IThe Saul Zaentz Film Center goes back to pioneering days of using Sound Ideas first 1/4 inch tape library. We now have scores of commercial effects libraries, but when we’re looking for the best quality sound effects, Sound Ideas is where we start. We have just about every library they make. When we decided to publish the effects from our film “Amadeus”, Sound Ideas was our only choice. It’s been great working with them and their effects for 20 years, and we look forward to many more.

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