Production Elements Collections

Sound Ideas Production Elements Collections include all of the usual suspects including: Music & Percussion Tracks and Grooves, IDs & Logos, Beds, Pads & Drones, Hits, Impacts & Stingers, Beeps, Bonks, Flutters, Shimmers, Zaps & Other Special FX, Lasers & Sci Fi Accents, Whooshes, Communications & Electronic Stings, Engines, Machines & Explosions, Accents, Punctuators, Stagers & Enhancers, Dissolves, Rewinds, Sweepers and Transitions. A production element or imaging element is a sound effect. It is an piece of audio that is used to enhance a radio production by adding interest to promos, intros, extros or transitions. An imaging element can be used to grab the listeners attention, provide an audio exclamation mark or create an audio logo or ID for a radio station or program. All of Sound Ideas production element and imaging element collections are available for purchase and immediate download as broadcast wav files.