Jazz & Blues Royalty Free Music

Sound Ideas Jazz and Blues Music collection hits all the notes from hot Jazz to cool Blues. You can find Big Band Jazz & Swing, Latin Jazz Beats, Old School, Funk, R&B and some Jazz Fusion – to keep you bopping and swinging to the beat with Solitary and Struttin' Blues to Downtown Jazz and the period music of Film Noir and Flappers. You can listen to all music themes on these albums before you purchase. All albums are available for purchase and immediate music download.

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Live late night club collection
15 smoky, swaying, gutsy, rolling, contagious, strutting and tumbling Blues themes
From raw and troubled to sauntering and cool
16 syncopated and strolling jazz themes for late nights
Includes 10 themes of both Big Band sounds and bluesy harmonica

12 dramatic, spirited and expressive royalty free jazz themes
9 sauntering & strolling blues, rock & romantic themes
Sweet melodies and dynamic funk
30 stylish, strolling, sleek and nimble themes
An infusion of Jazz harmonics

Jazz that feels like a breath of fresh air
Funk, film noir and rag time
Strutting selection of Crescent City jazz
13 themes that range from easygoing and pensive to sassy and spontaneous
Vibraphone, piano and bass combine to create 10 jazz themes

11 romantic & subdued themes with a hint of mystery
11 Ambitious, joyous and playful jazz themes
Nimble boogie woogie, brassy swing, and upbeat & intimate dance
Mellow, moody, sunny and carefree piano jazz with bass
Jazz moods from playful and happy to hesitant and melancholy

24 themes including latin beats, big band jazz, the blues, rock and roll, and romance
11 earthy, strolling and soulful Blues themes
Hopeless, long-suffering, solemn and grave
Featuring classic blues electric guitar and bass
A sauntering, positive and self assured CD of the Blues

69 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
65 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
67 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
64 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
Blues music moods from forlorn to heartfelt

A hit of blues and period jazz
Jazzy Musical Reminder of the Mid 1900s
Strolling and bluesy jazz music
Ragtime, riverboats and dance marathons
Slick jazz and blues slide

Electric wah blues rhythms
Hitting the right note between confident and melancholy
Includes old southern blues and positive rhythms
Affectionate jazz music that borders on the romantic