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Dance & Club Royalty Free Music | Sound Ideas

Dance & Club music is bold, dramatic and percussive. It is made for movement and works equally well in TV drama and chase scenes – especially the Dance tracks with a Gangsta feel. There is a lot to choose from in this genre: restless, punctuated, hypnotic, dark and breathless beats.

22 strong and swaggering tech beats for club action and dramatic competition
Confident and action oriented dance music
40 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
15 dance music themes with dramatic overtones
28 spinning, agile, pulsing, dramatic, whirling and percussive themes

13 active and adventurous dance music themes
Pick your partner and disco through the night with 20 dance themes
Sunny, carefree and positive dance
Brash, restless, running and dynamic
21 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD or as a Download

24 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
60 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
60 Royalty Free Music Tracks on 1 CD
13 sunny and carefree dance friendly themes
From aggressive sports to mellow and uncertain romance

Relentless dance tracks for competition, adventure and action
A muscular mixture of dance and extreme sports themes
Techno urban, middle-eastern techno & club dance techno
Impatient, defiant and turbulent dance attitude
Mechanical, imposing and stormy dance music

Gamer music tracks that underscore fast moving play