Game Developer Sound Effects

Sound Effects are a critical resource for game sound design and Sound Ideas offers the best. We have sounds for every dark corner, distant planet, medieval castle, war zone, car chase, fist fight, creature world, underwater, subterranean and any other scene that gamer’s can imagine and create. We offer huge full sound effect libraries as well as smaller specialty fx collections, suitable for any budget. From the dawn of time to the distant future, our background sounds and specialty sfx can help you paint a sound picture to bring your gaming vision to life.

Our Signature Collection - Recorded in High Definition at 24 bit / 96 kHz
Sound Effects for Game Developement and Interactive Entertainment
Recorded in High Definition at 24 bit / 96 kHz - Also Available as a Download
5,443 Royalty Free Sound Effects Recorded by Mike McDonough
820 Earth Shattering Effects as a Download

12,906 sound effects on hard drive
Over 24,500 Sound Effects on Hard Drive
The Complete Hollywood Edge Library Hard Drive - 71,738 Sound Effects
2,000 Royalty Free Gun Sound Effects on CDs and a DVD or as a Download
665 Sound Effects of the Prehistoric, Fantasy, Alien, Monster, & Supernatural

675 Royalty Free Monster & Creature Sound Effects
256 Explosive Sound Effects for Download
Combines all Premiere Edition Libraries - Includes Volumes 1-11 plus HD
3,295 Sci Fi SFX on DVD ROMs or via Download
19,655 Sound Effects on 7 CD ROMs with 1 Data Disc or as a Download

Over 294,700 Sounds Effects on one 3TB Hard Drive
169,954 Royalty Free Sound Effects on Hard Drive
2,800 Punches, Kicks & Impact Sound Effects on CD & DVDs or as a Download
The Complete Boom Sound Effects Library on Hard Drive