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Sound Ideas Animals and Birds sound effects collections can almost speak for themselves with a diverse selection of wild and domestic animal sounds – aquatic and land creature cries – flocks of birds and nests of slithering reptiles – from marshes, deserts, backyards and jungles around the world. These collections include both general animal sound collections that provide a broad range of wildlife effects as well as more specialized libraries that focus on a single animal group. Sound Ideas animal sound effects collections are also available to purchase as individual file downloads.

Recorded in High Definition at 24 bit / 96 kHz - Also available for Download
1200 Sound Effects as a Download
301 royalty free animal sounds on 2 CDs or as a Download
345 royalty free sound effects on 2 Audio CDs or as a Download

Over 850 royalty free sound effects on 10 CDs or as a Download
615 Royalty Free Individual Animal and Bird Sound Effects and Sound Scenes
Selection of various animal and insect sounds
Bird sounds featuring a variety of bird calls, actions and natural habitats
82 Bird Sounds including screeching, flapping, calling, cooing and chirping.

Monkeys chatter, pant, call, kiss, sing, whimper, chuff and grunt.
91 Pet sound effects including birds, cats, dogs, guinea pigs and more
Predator & Scavenger sound effects including primates, wild cats, bears, bats, foxes, wolves and more
Dolphins, Seals, Sea Lions, Walrus & several varieties of Whale
58 Wild Animals SFX CD includes a wide variety of animals found in the wild

Individual wild bird songs
Over 700 Sound Effects as a Download
160 Audio Files of over 30 Different Birds of Prey on DVD or as a Download
7 GB of royalty free sound effects on 2 DVDs or as a Download
9 GB of Royalty Free Sound Effects on 2 DVD ROMs or as a Download

High-Definition Wildcat & Animal Sounds on DVD or as a Download
Single crows and swarms