Multi-User Licensing

Your purchase of any Sound Ideas product (CD, DVD, Download, Individual Track or Hard Drive) grants you a lifetime non-transferable worldwide license for synchronization rights only.


You are allowed to create a single working copy of all sounds contained within the product to store as a backup. The sounds are to be used only for the authorized purposes as defined in the Sound Ideas End User License Agreement.


Every purchase of a Sound Ideas product includes permission for you to access the sounds from 1 workstation (Onsite). An End User License is required, but there is no fee.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to access the sounds from 2 or more Onsite workstations, or if you are going to access the sounds from a workstation located at more than 1 physical address location (Remote Sites), you need a multi-user license.


Licensing provided by Sound Ideas for Multi-Users does not include 3rd party products like BOOM, Shaping Waves or Detunized Collections. Multi-User licensing can only be provided by the copyright holder.


Three Multi-User licensing options are available: