Sound Ideas is proud to present our newest release: The Detunized Collections!


Detunized Collections are professional sound libraries with a specific focus that will allow sound editors to quickly find what they are looking for using Metadigger or any asset management software.

Abandoned Bomb Shelters - Mysterious sounds from around abandoned WW2 bunkers along the Danish West Coast.
71 sounds @ 24/96 kHz

Around Bridges Berlin - Sounds from the iron & steel construction elements of various bridges in Berlin.
186 sounds @ 24/96 kHz

Bob Skeleton Sleighs - Action sounds of Two Men Bob & Skeleton heroes racing at more than 100 kilometers per hour.
82 sounds @ 24/96 kHz

Computer Sounds - Wide palette of noises that computers emit when booting, reading from drives, or accessing a hard disk.
99 sounds @ 24/48 kHz

Distant City Ambiences - Sounds of the ever-present noise floor generated by modern life in Dresden, Germany from distant hills around the city.
88 sounds @ 24/96 kHz

Room Tones Industrial Building - Atmospheric ambience recording in an '80s Industrial Building in Dresden, Germany during a stormy & rainy day.
76 sounds @ 24/96 kHz

Urban Crows - Comprehensive sounds of single crows & swarms, including clearly distinguishable single caws, funny sighs, or nervous screams.
31 sounds @ 24/96 kHz

Wind Turbines - Sounds of fizzling propeller blades, rotating nacelles, mysterious drones & other mechanical noises gathered from wind turbines.
124 sounds @ 24/96 kHz

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