Sound Ideas announces the release of the Voice Kit Sound Effects Collection. 


Voice Kit Sound Effects collection was recorded in stereo at 24 bit /96 K. The 3 DVD release is provided in its native 24/96 format wav files.  The downloadable version of Voice Kit is also available as 24/48, 16/48 or 16/44 wav files.

Babies, children, teens, adults and seniors came in to the Sound Ideas Recording Studio to contribute their voices to this new wild line collection of more than 18,000 effects.

Voice Kit also includes vocal Foley (laughs, coughs, burps, gasps, groans, grunts, screams, yells, yawns, sighs) from all the voice artists, offering a total of 850 Adult vocal Foley effects and 209 Baby & Child vocal Foley effects.

Specialty voices were included in the collection for versatility: auctioneers, broadcasters, dispatchers, monsters, aliens, munchkins, opera divas and zombies.