Videos of Sound Ideas Recording Sessions

Check out our recording sessions of everything from crashes, demolitions, explosions, guns and animals to planes, trains and automobiles:


Recording Sound Effects as seen on Discovery Channel


Humorous Look at Recording Foley Sounds


Demolition / Explosions:

Recording Demolition Sounds on Discovery Channel


Recording Crash Sound Effects


Recording Dynamite Explosions


Recording Explosions



Recording Rally Car Sound Effects


Recording Drag Races


Recording Car Crash Sound Effects


Recording a Monster Truck


Transportation / Other:

Recording Boat Sound Effects


Recording Airplane and Helicopter Sound Effects


Recording Vintage Engine Sounds


On Location:

Recording Bells at Toronto Old City Hall


Recording City Background Ambience - Amsterdam


Recording Sound Effects at Sea World Orlando



Recording Gun Sound Effects at OFASTS


Recording Sound Effects of Guns


Sound Ideas at the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot



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