What are Production Elements?

Production elements are a kind of sound effect. They are sometimes called Imaging Elements. Production elements sound effects can be used as either background audio or as audio punctuation marks to enhance a message. When you need a broadcast intro, promo, transition or attention grabber to bring your listening audience to attention - the audio clip you reach for is a Production Element.

These Elements are often abstract sound effects, not actual identifiable ones. The basic recording of a production element may be a sound effect, but that recording is stretched, pitched, flanged, bent and sound-designed to create a specific audio clip.

The category names for production elements have been coined by various audio engineers over the years. The names often refer to the situations in which you would use imaging elements. For example, the following terms represent some of the names that have been created by sound library designers and developers to classify the kind of sound effects you will generally find in an imaging elements sound library collection.

Classification of Production Elements Sound Effects Library

accents IDs stagers
alarms & beeps intros stingers
attacks & sustains lasers sweepers
beds licks swipes
bumpers logos transitions
dissolves pads underscores
drones punctuators whooshes
enhancers rewinds & scratches wipes
fanfares segues work parts
hits sounders zaps & zips








Production Elements: Communications Sound Effects

A production elements sound library will also include communications sound effects like computer, fax & modem sound effects, electronics, microphone feedback, radio tuning & static, record groove noise, signals & interference, tape recorders, telemetry and telephone dial tones and ringtones. Traditional sound effects are also popular to include in production elements sound libraries, especially the unique and imaginative sounds you can find in science fiction, transportation, weapons and machinery collections.

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