What Is Podcasting?

The term "podcast" is a combination word, taken from the Apple “iPod” brand name and the word "broadcast". It is a series of digital media files – either audio or video – and programming scripts that allow its distribution. They are distributed over the Internet using RSS (really simple syndication).

What Makes Podcasts Different?

They can be created by anyone who has something to say - you don't need a studio, a broadcasting license or a transmitter to be a podcaster. You just need a computer and access to a minimal amount of software and Internet technology.

There is no limit to the content and topics. There are personal blogs and blogs about hobbies. Podcasts covering community interests like training courses and current events, as well as mainstream broadcasting audiences, like national news programs.

You can pick and choose. Each person can subscribe to any number of podcast feeds depending on their interest. They can receive alerts when new material is available and whenever they connect to the Internet, their computer automatically seeks out new podcasts from the sources they have subscribed to and downloads them to the hard drive, ready to use.

A podcast is a form of "on demand media" - not only does the user choose the subject and the source of their media content, but they can now listen to that content at any time and wherever they please, and they can save it for repeated access according to their own timetable.

Sound Ideas podcasts cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Sound Effects in Radio & Film
  • Sound Effects and the Golden Years of Hanna-Barbera
  • The History of Sound Ideas
  • Selecting Music for Your Podcast


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