What Is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty Free Music - also called buyout music - is a specific kind of stockmusic or production music, produced for unlimited use in an unspecified number of applications and productions.

The Royalty Free Music user pays an upfront price to purchase unlimited lifetime synchronization rights and the CDs, but he does not purchase the music itself.

There are no additional license fees owed to the composers or publishers when Royalty Free Music is used, and there is no annual license fee or additional fees or clearances required for use of the music.

This means that Royalty Free Music tracks must be synchronized within a multimedia presentation, film, Web site, game, audio-visual production or broadcast.

Royalty Free Music is most often produced in specific broadcast lengths (60 seconds, 30 seconds, and stingers - 5 to 15 seconds in length), although longer versions of the compositions can also be made available.

Royalty Free Music tracks have been specially designed for use in repeated everyday broadcast applications, like commercials, jingles, promotional spots and intros. They are also popular for use in multimedia projects and presentations.

Royalty Free Music from Sound Ideas is offered in a wide variety of period and modern genres, styles, moods and tempos - everything from classical orchestrations to animated cartoon compositions.

If Royalty Free Music is used in a broadcast or public performance production, its composers and publishers are also entitled to receive performing royalties from performing rights societies like ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, PRS and APRA.


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