What's New


What's New in Sound Effects

Fire & Water Sounds - from Tiny and Harmless to Huge and Devastating
454 Royalty Free Cartoon, Comic and Just Plain Funny Sounds
Ambient recordings of Nature Sound Effects with man-made noises
416 Royalty Free Ghosts, Apparitions, Fantastical Beasts and Atmospheres


Our Signature Collection - Recorded in High Definition at 24 bit / 96 kHz
Recordings of Urban Ambience in Modern Cities and Suburbs
A High Definition 24 bit / 96 kHz set of 191 Specialty Sound Effects
442 High Definition Space Whooshes & Wind Sound Effects at 24/96 kHz


A High Definition 24 bit / 96 kHz set of 344 Specialty Sound Effects
A Comprehensive Ambient Transportation Collection
5,440 Royalty Free Sound Effects Recorded by Mike McDonough
Explosive Production Elements - Available by Download


693 Exciting Sci Fi Sound Effects at 24 bit / 96 kHz
293 High Definition Natural World Sound Effects at 24/96 kHz
2,000 Single Source Sound Effects & 96 Complex Designed Sounds
345 High Definition City Ambience Sound Effects at 24/96 kHz


263 High Definition Android and Robot Sound Effects at 24/96 kHz
45+ GB of Medieval Sound Effects & 50+ Designed Medieval Backgrounds
200 Royalty Free Church Bell Ringing Sound Effects
4,500 Sound Effects of Crowds and Audience Reactions

What's New in Music

New Music in May


Mellow, moody, sunny and carefree piano jazz with bass
Retro music for melodrama, mystery, suspense and tragedy
Strong, positive and confident guitar rock
Latin musical invitation to true love

New Music in April


Over 3300 Royalty Free Music Tracks on a Hard Drive
Sensitive and emotional solo piano music
1950s musical nostalgia and 1960s musical optimism
Modern corporate music for young entrepreneurs


Inviting and warm selection of acoustic guitar music

New Music in March


Music for Cowboys, campfires and outlaws on the run
Following the vanishing footpath toward inner vision
Sincere, optimistic and nostalgic easy listening music
Mischievous, Comic and Playful Children’s Music

New Music in February


Dramatic moods from explosive to expressive
Jazz moods from playful and happy to hesitant and melancholy
Rock music for drama, defiance and danger
Music from Australia, Africa, India, Middle East and the Far East