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What's New in Sound Effects

419 High Definition Fantasy & Magic Sound Effects at 24/96 kHz
Awe-Inspiring Sounds of Legendary Creatures
Surround Sounds of Water, Transportation and Events
A wide ranging collection of 1,057 ambience length stereo wav files


750 Production Elements for Download
988 Royalty Free Binaural Sound Effects for Download
Over 2400 Explosion Sound Effects
606 Royalty Free Crowd, Audience and Applause Sound Effects


400 Royalty Free Background, Atmosphere and Ambience Sound Effects
The Legendary Sounds of Classic Cars
183 Royalty Free Rain, Wind, Thunder, Lightning and Storm Sound Effects
812 Royalty Free Weapon Sound Effects and Military Atmospheres


715 Royalty Free Science Fiction Atmospheres and Space Sound Effects
Edgy, Unique and Identifiable Sounds for the Virtual / Artificial World
703 Royalty Free Sound Effects of Explosions, Disasters and Crashes
Harbor & Industrial Authentic Ambience Sounds

What's New in Music

New Music in April


Music for Spooky Places and Unknown Dangers
From arrogant and wailing to folk and funky music

New Music in March


Action packed, motivating and confident music
Haunting music melodies for missing souls

New Music in February


Creepy, ghostly and scary music
Love, separation and reconciliation music

New Music in January


Relentless and uneasy music for approaching doom
Dynamic competition and breaking tackles
Heartfelt and Heartbroken Music
Dynamic, action-packed rock music

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