What's New


What's New in Sound Effects

Explosive Production Elements - Available by Download
693 Exciting Sci Fi Sound Effects at 24 bit / 96 kHz
293 High Definition Natural World Sound Effects at 24/96 kHz
2,000 Single Source Sound Effects & 96 Complex Designed Sounds


345 High Definition City Ambience Sound Effects at 24/96 kHz
263 High Definition Android and Robot Sound Effects at 24/96 kHz
45+ GB of Medieval Sound Effects & 50+ Designed Medieval Backgrounds
200 Royalty Free Church Bell Ringing Sound Effects


4,500 Sound Effects of Crowds and Audience Reactions
Over 2,500 Sound Effects by Download
544 Royalty Free Military Vehicle Sound Effects
The Complete Boom Sound Effects Library on Hard Drive


Stereo & 5.1 Surround Sound - 24 bit / 96kHz
Smashes & Crashes of Glass, Metal & Wood
Themed Royalty Free Downloadable Sound Collections
304 Metallic Sound Effects


374 Fire & Destruction Specialty Sound Effects
425 Royalty Free Walla Sound Effects
275 Motorcycle Racing Sound Effects
Themed Sound Effects for Tight Production Schedules


Rare WW2 Tank Sound Effects

What's New in Music

New Music in October


Emotional solo piano moods and themes
Jazzy Musical Reminder of the Mid 1900s
Varied selection of classical music moods
Dramatic music for stealth, traps and intricate spells

New Music in September


Confident, rousing and crisp military marching rhythms
Tender, patient and relaxed music for easygoing times
Ragtime, riverboats and dance marathons
Loud and proud electric guitar retro rock

New Music in August


Creepy, ghostly and just plain wicked music
Calm, clear and comforting solo piano music
An infusion of Jazz harmonics
Slow moving and relaxed country music charm

New Music in July


Carefree child-like musical reminder of how things used to be
Easy Listening backgrounds for warm smiles between potential friends
Jazz that feels like a breath of fresh air
Urban collection of Beatbox rhythms

New Music in June


A hit of blues and period jazz
Country tunes for one more bad thing after another
Shimmering, whispering and magical music
Heartbroken melodies and nightmares coming true

New Music in May


Strong, hard-hitting music for fast paced breaking news
A playful musical look at the fun side of scary
Country and country blues music nostalgia
Country music for western stories and adventures


Gamer music tracks that underscore fast moving play
Dramatic western themes colored by the blues
Music to underscore evil intentions
Easy listening music with a romantic flavor


Confident and motivating easy listening tracks
Blues music moods from forlorn to heartfelt

New Music in April


Music for High Pressure Standoffs and Retro Crime Dramas
Watchful and Uneasy Music for Classic Thrillers
Childlike Exploration and Mischievous Plots
Slick Jazz and Blues Slide Music


Rocking and Rolling Retro Party Time Music
Solo Piano Music for Romance
Classical Wedding Music with Acoustic Guitar
Classical Harp Music Collection for Weddings


Serene and Dignified Solo Piano Wedding Music
Medieval Music Themes with a Celtic Feeling

New Music in March


Over 2500 Royalty Free Music Tracks on a Hard Drive
Brash, Swaggering and Rugged Rock Music
Mechanical, Imposing and Stormy Dance Music
Rural, Positive, Confident & Up-tempo Country Music


Electric Wah Blues Rhythms
Romantic Music for Warm Romantic Nights & Misty Mornings
Distorted, Broken & Rocking Electric Guitar Music
Happy, Sincere and Lighthearted Music


A New Take on Old Style TV Music Scores
Music for Heroic Determination in the Face of Disaster
Playful, Charming and Sunny Kid’s Music

New Music in February


Inept Comedy and Slapstick Fun
The Light and Dark Sides of Country Music
Impatient, Defiant and Turbulent Dance Attitude
Dramatic Western Music for Dark Days


Old Southern Blues and Positive Country Rhythms
Hitting the Right Note between Confident and Melancholy
Mystical and Serene Meditative Themes
From Rock Road Trips to Bar Room Brawls


Expressive Selection of Solo Piano Themes
Tropical, Latin, African and Middle Eastern Tthemes

New Music in January


Wacky & Zany Fun with a Lighthearted Attitude
TV Action Themes from Tense & Dramatic to Heroic & Brave
Old-time Emotional Story-telling
Warm, Sincere and Friendly Country Themes


Strutting Selection of Crescent City Jazz
Boogie Woogie, Swing, Upbeat & Intimate Dance
Muscular & Raw Swaggering Rock Music
Heartfelt, Warm & Hopeful Rock Music


Acoustic Easy Listening & Blues Themes
Fusion of World Music and World Instruments

New Music in December


Children's Lullabies & Easy Rhythms
Quick Moving Game Music Collection
Powerful & High Energy Sports Music
Playful & Happy Childlike Music


Banjo, Fiddle & Acoustic Guitar Music
Strolling Collection of Rural Country Music
Brash & Dynamic Dance Club Music
Hostile & Aggressive Drama Music


Mellow, Smooth & Searching Easy Listening Music
Hopeless, Long-suffering, Solemn & Grave

New Music in November


Playful Collection of Traditional Songs
Sunny, Carefree and Positive Dance Music
Bittersweet, Sensitive and Emotional Music
Inevitable Ruin and a Lifetime of Regrets


Charming, Hopeful and Relaxed Music
From Raw and Troubled to Sauntering and Cool
Live Late Night Club Music Collection
Gritty, Belligerent, Manic and Impatient


Folk, Children's and World Tunes on the Harp
Folk, Children's and World Tunes on Piano