Boats SFX Album
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  • 75 Boat Sounds
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Boat sounds including pleasure boats, ferries, swamp boats, jet and racing boats

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Boats SFX Album

Boats SFX Album is a selection of 75 boat sounds from various Sound Ideas collections.


This compact compilation includes inboard, outboard, air boat and hovercraft engine sounds and maneuvers.


The Boats:
Swamp Air Boat, 33 Foot Coast Guard Boat, Passenger Ferry Boat, Rescue Hovercraft, Racing Hydroplane, Cabin Cruiser, Speed-Ski Boat, Diesel Powerboat, Turbo Offshore Powerboat, Ocean Cruiser Fishing Boat, 1920s Skiff, Jet Propulsion Boat, Pontoon Boat, Paddle Boat, Steam Paddle Wheel Boat, Steam Ferry Boat, Tug Boat


The Engines:
180 HP, 325 HP, 300 HP and 450 HP inboard engines, Twin V12 Turbo 1200 and 2400 HP engines, Diesel, Steam and Jet Propulsion engines, 6 HP, 9.9 HP, 25 HP, 40 HP and 150 HP outboard engines, 35 HP Four Stroke engines


The Maneuvers:
Engine Starts, Idles and Stops; Slow and Quick Departures; Slow, Medium, Fast and Cruising Speeds; Pass By and Onboard Recordings 



75 Boat Recordings

Available as a Download

24/48 and 16/44.1 bwav Files

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