Off Shore Power Boat Racing SFX CD
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  • 564 MB @ 16/44.1
  • 75 Power Boat Sounds
  • Download Only
Off shore power boats including on-board recordings and recordings from the shore

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Off Shore Power Boat Racing SFX CD

Off Shore Power Boat Racing SFX CD brings together the sounds of 75 high speed boats from various Hollywood Edge Sound Effects collections.


This focused compilation CD features close up pass bys recorded from the shore as well as on board recordings.


Content Highlights include:

  • Fast Power Boat Pass Bys
  • Boat Engines Idling
  • Boat Engines Revving
  • Power Boats Speeding Away
  • Onboard During Pace Laps
  • Onboard During High Speed Racing
  • In the Pits with the Crews
  • Racing Ambience from the Audience Perspective


75 Offshore Power Boat Sound Effects
Available as a Download
16/44.1 bwav files