Predators and Scavengers SFX Album
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  • 1.0 GB @ 24/48
  • 81 Wild Animal Sounds
  • Compiled from the Digiffects Collection
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Predator & Scavenger sound effects including primates, wild cats, bears, bats, foxes, wolves and more

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Predators and Scavengers SFX Album

Predators and Scavengers SFX Album brings together various wild animal effects compiled from the Digiffects Sound Effects Collection.


This compact compilation records these wild animals, birds and reptiles who prey on other beasts or scavenge for their food.  


The Wild Beasts include:
Lion, lynx, marten, leopard, hyena, fox, boar, bat, baboon, cheetah, elephant, mink, panther, tiger, and wolf


The Wild Birds include:
Crow, owl, falcon, hawk, raven, and vulture


The Sounds include:
Howling, snarling, running, eating, hissing, fighting, grumbling, roaring, barking, oinking, squealing, feeding, cawing, flight, singing, and hooting



81 Animal Predator Sound Effects

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