Urban Explosions Sound Effects Bundle by Boom

Product Specifications
  • 96kHz/24bit High Definition WAV files
  • Construction Kit = 1745 sounds in 483 files
  • Designed = 672 sounds in 168 files
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata
Over 2400 Explosion Sound Effects

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Urban Explosions Sound Effects Bundle by Boom

For the recordings, Boom teamed up with the sound department of EA DICE (Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront) and created the biggest explosion sound FX library ever. DICE uses the recordings heavily to impressively blow up the world in their AAA title Battlefield V and now you can get the recordings and our ready-to-use designed sounds in stereo and 5.1 surround for your very own projects. It’s a highly explosive pack with 13.4GB of explosion sound effects - over 2400 sound effects in over 650 WAV files.


Urban Explosions Construction Kit

Recorded in real urban environments
Why Urban Explosions? Most explosions in movies, games or trailers don’t happen out on a plain field, they happen in urban environments with buildings around them that shape the character of the explosion sound in a very specific way. The special thing about our urban explosions sound FX library is that it has been recorded in a real urban environment, so you get super-realistic reverbs and tails instead of artificially processed post-production reverbs or tails that don’t sound urban at all. For the sake of completeness, we also recorded a non-urban explosion on a plain field, so you’re covered here as well.


Multi-Channel Recordings with up to 42 Channels
We had a lot of microphones with us and we placed them in all possible positions around the explosion spot. We have very close mics, close mics, medium distance mics, distant mics, mics in front of buildings, mics behind buildings, mics inside of buildings. Each explosion in the URBAN EXPLOSIONS CONSTRUCTION KIT comes with a minimum of 24 channels, including a 4 channel ambisonic file, so you can simply drag all channels to your DAW and easily mix the sound exactly as you want.


You’re looking for a more supernatural sound or your mix misses a bit of impact, smack, punch, tail, cackling, rumbling or character? No problem, the CONSTRUCTION KIT has a lot of great high-quality sweeteners that will easily enrich your mix in the desired way.

Urban Explosions Designed

Incredibly versatile
Our DESIGNED edition comes with XXX ready-to-use explosion sound FX in the categories INDOOR, NEUTRAL & URBAN, each of them in SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE explosion sizes. Beyond that, you have the choice between MEDIUM and FAR distances, FAST or SLOW explosions and a MODERN, SOFT, CRISP or DISTORTED character. With this range of sounds, you’re certainly sure to find the right one for your scene.


Stereo & 5.1 Surround
In addition to the stereo version our sound designers created 5.1 surround versions for each sound so you are fully prepared to implement your creative surround vision with ease.


Designed by 4 Award-Winning Sound Designers
We consider sound design as a craftsmanship and we’re very happy and proud to rely on the talent of four awesome sound designers that really know their trade.

Urban Explosions Bundle

THE BUNDLE – The best of both worlds at a discounted price.


The Bundle gives you the full sound design power as it contains both – the DESIGNED and the CONSTRUCTION KIT edition at a discounted price.



  • 96kHz/24bit High Definition WAV files
  • Construction Kit = 1745 sounds in 483 files
  • Designed =  672 sounds in 168 files
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata

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