Barcelona Spain Sound Effects
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Spanish walla, flamenco and bullfights

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Barcelona Spain Sound Effects

Barcelona Spain Sound Effects is a collection of 131 urban and city sound effects compiled from the Digiffects Sound Effects Collection.


This compilation features sounds from many places where urban dwellers gather and includes congested street traffic, pedestrian walla, bullfight arena and spectators, flamenco nightclubs, tapas restaurants and Spanish speaking walla.


Recording Locations include:
Airports, Banks, Beaches, Arenas, Cafes, Carnivals, Playgrounds, Churches, Hotels, Markets, Museums, Nightclubs, Stores, Subways and Train Stations


Unique Features include:
Public Address Announcements in Spanish, Seaside Beaches, Bullfighting Crowds and the tradition "Ole", Street Carnivals, Spanish Crowd Reactions to a Street Performer, Children Playing, Flamenco dancing



131 Sounds from Barcelona Spain
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16/44.1 bwav files