Premiere Edition HD Sound Effects
Product Specifications
  • 2,496 Effects
  • 23 GB
  • 24/96 Hard Drive or 16/44.1 Download
  • High Definition
2496 Sound Effects on Hard Drive or as a Download

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Premiere Edition HD Sound Effects

This installment of Premiere Edition takes a first step into High Definition sound for Hollywood Edge. Designed and recorded by veteran sound designer Kamen Antanasov (Sound Designer Toolkit 2), it contains 2,496 recordings of general sound effects as well as some machinery and technology that did not exist when the original Premiere Edition was created.


This HD libarary includes:

  • Roomtones & Natural Ambiences
  • Animals, Vehicles, Explosions
  • Construction & Machinery
  • Crashes & Impacts
  • Doors, Sports, Household Items
  • Nature Sounds & Weather
  • Foley Props & Office Sounds and Equipment

As Hollywood Edge's aptly titled flagship library, Premiere Edition features everything necessary to build a strong HD Library.



  • 2496 royalty free sound effects
  • Native 24 / 96 kHz recordings
  • Over 23 GB of sounds
  • Available on a Hard Drive or as a 16 / 44.1 Download

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