Magic - Arcane Forces
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  • 12.8 GB @ 24/48
  • 3,700 Sounds
  • 780 Files
  • Broadcast wav files
  • Download in 1 Format
Redefining Magic and Magical Sound Effects

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Magic - Arcane Forces

Enter the world of MAGIC – ARCANE FORCES, where supernatural entities can be heard raging with ultimate power and fury. The distinctly forceful and kinetic character of this comprehensive sound effects library and its designs is supported by countless pristine source recordings of the elements being pushed to their limits. Whether in post production or sound design for games, MAGIC – ARCANE FORCES gives you the edge on the other side.


This collection is FIERCE

The distinctly on-the-point and aggressive nature of this library keeps you on top of the game. When it comes down to it, nailing those crucial, climactic moments and power fantasies is what your audience came for.


This collection is GRAND

Having gone out of our way to record the most exciting elemental reactions, the resulting selection of sounds is as impressive in scale as it is in variety.


This collection is MAGICAL

These sounds come alive visually before your inner eye and get inspired towards your own unique creations!


THE BUNDLE gives you the full sound design power as it contains both – the DESIGNED and the CONSTRUCTION KIT edition at a great price.


From black powder, fire in motion and potato cannons to fireworks, hot air balloons and twisting rockets on 200m ropes – the goal was to capture real world sounds that were often mangled and morphed physically, giving them an otherworldly quality. To go beyond the ordinary whoosh or bang, we brought tons of for maximum mixing options and applied various forces and momentum to our sound sources.


We had several studio recording sessions where we created interesting textures, applying movement to various materials – like smashed glass inside pieces of cloth – and processed them.


The most impressive recording site was an enormous electric testing facility with a 30m high ceiling and gigantic installations, like a Tesla coil, Jacob’s ladder and an ion-burning fire wheel! Electric energy is essential for any magic library – so why not knock it out of the park with thousands of volts at your disposal. We left satisfied, with slight headaches and the smell of ozone (air burnt by electricity) in our noses.


What makes Magic - Arcane Forces special?

It expands the more general magic theme and explores the world of spell power and combat magic. It is a must-have addition to Magic and achieves the goal of being able to design any magic or fantasy scene you need to create or augment.



  • 780 Files and 3,700 Sounds
  • High Definition 24 bit / 96 kHz stereo recordings
  • The Bundle includes both the Construction Kit and the Designed Sounds collections
  • All Sounds Embedded with Extensive Metadata
  • Available for Download as 24/96 broadcast wav files