Streams and Rivers
Product Specifications
  • 120 Files
  • 157 minutes of sound effects
  • 24/96 kHz Stereo
  • Available for Download Only
A sound collection of streams, rivers, waterfalls, trickles, rapids and drains.

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Streams and Rivers


Creating this library we travelled to many secluded places to capture the pure sounds of flowing water: gently gurgling springs and small streams in deep forests, calm rivers between rocks or fields and thundering waterfalls splashing down mountains. Bring your projects to life by using, layering and transforming our water sounds in a creative way.


Streams and rivers are an important part of our world and they form a big part of our aural experiences. Large rivers may flow majestically quiet, but other aqueous entities produce a lot of interesting sounds: they bloop, splash, spray, sprinkle, burble, roar, rumble, dribble, drip and drizzle. Every stream sounds different and mostly the variations consist of small, subtle changes.



Create all kinds of flowing water, layer waterfalls into a loud roaring mass or design the pure and gentle sound of a fresh spring. Included are 120 unique sound effects, all carefully metadata tagged and seamlessly loopable to give you the highest possible comfort.


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  • 120 files and 157 minutes of sound effects
  • Provided as 24 bit / 96 kHz Stereo
  • Available for download only: 5.42 GB